HiWay 92 Results - 6/10/2016

posted Jun 12, 2016, 10:04 PM by Admin RMLRA

Barlock wins @ Hwy 92, Scott takes win at Big Country

The racing both friday and saturday evening was fast and very exciting at times. Both nights of racing were National qualifiers for the Asphalt National in Connecticut in early October. Winning drivers will be notified of their options. On friday evening Wayne Barlock really dominated the field winning quick time, trophy dash and the twenty-five lap feature. Scotty Scott and Adam Pechman would finish second and third. The top ten cars all finished on the lead lap.

Rookie Cody Dempster won his first heat race in his #48 Legend. It is the first of many I think. He has a lot of talent, plus a great car to race.! In the feature there was a little bumping, but it looked like the cars made it through the races without major damage. It was a very warm evening and a storm threatened to end the evening early, but we lucked out as it moved to the east of the speedway and no rain fell.

Hwy 92 25 lap unofficial results
1. #3 Barlock
2. #6 Scott
3. #25 Pechman
4. #03 DL Stewart
5. #8   Hipkins
6. #48 Dempster (R)
7. #30 DJ Stewart
8. #47 Hulvey
9. #17 Adkison
10. #51 Canada
11. #6x Peconi

Trophy Dash
1. Barlock
2. Scott
3. DJ Stewart
4. Pechman
5. DL Stewart

Heat Race
1. Dempster
2. Hipkins
3. Canada
4. Adkison
5. Hulvey

Big Country Speedway Saturday June 11, 2016

Saturday evening with Barlock leading during the feature was able to get under Barlock and take over the lead and win the race. It was a very good race but two cars were removed by the the hook. AJ Canada, Eric Hipkins and Jason Hulvey came together on lap four and in talking briefly with Canada after the race he passed along that his car was severely damaged. The car count was down this weekend and hopefully the numbers will return.

Big Country Speedway unofficial results
1. Scott
2. Barlock
3. Pechman
4. Martinez
5. Pachello
6. Dempster (R)
7. Hipkins
8. Adkison
9. K. Adkins (R)
10. Canada
11. Hulvey
12. Peconi

Quick Time 
#3 Barlock 14.364

12 Lap Trophy Dash
1. #71x Matt Martinez
2. #47 Jason Hulvey
3. #48 Cody Dempster (R)
4. #12 K. Adkins (R)
5. #17 BreAnn Adkison

12 Lap Fast heat
1. Barlock
2. Scott
3. Pechman
4. Hipkins
5. Pachello
6. Canada