HiWay 92 Results - 9/29/2018

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Barlock and Moore win at Hwy 92
Barlock wins last Short Track Challenge Race
Travis Roe wins Short Track Challenge Championship in season 2018 finale

The #3 Legend car of Wayne Barlock Jr crossed the finish line ahead of DJ Stewart to win the HWY 92 SHOOTOUT Saturday evening. Wayne has won the last three feature races that have been raced by the RMLRA Legend cars, and now has eight feature wins for the season. With a fourth place finish at HWY 92 it appears to be a championship for Travis Roe. The Short Track Challenge champion will receive a nice trophy and check for his effort on the short tracks at the Awards Banquet.

In the Bandolero division Brody Moore, who has raced at all of the Bandolero races this  ason brought home  the checkered flag. This was his ninth win in the Bandit division this season.

Parents, drivers of the Bandolero class thank you for your help in promoting this new divisionof racing for the younger generation. This season the Bandoleros did a good job on the track and with a little organizing they will even be better next year. During the off season we need your input to raise the quality and excitement of these race cars. Whenever the meeting is set, bring your ideas with you. Please keep in mind that all engine and chassis rules are nation wideand it is up to your driver to develop their skills while racing their cars.

Legends Results Hwy 92 (unofficial results)
1. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr.
2. #30 Darrell J. Stewart
3. #05 Nick Cooper
4. #16 Travis Roe
5. #03 Darrell L. Stewart
6. #13 Jason Hulvey
7. #18 Kyle McCartney
8. #1 Dana Smith (R)
9. #7 Corey Seip
10. #08 Krystal Faulkingham
11. #78 Ashlyn Himler (R)

Legends quick time
1. Nick Cooper 14.964
2. Kyle McCartney 14.968
3. Wayne Barlock Jr. 14.986

Legends Trophy Dash (unofficial results)
1. Nick Cooper
2. Wayne Barlock
3. DJ Stewart
4. Jason Hulvey
5. Corey Seip
6. Ashlyn Himler

Legends heat Race (unofficial results)
1. Travis Roe
2. DL Stewart
3. Kyle McCartney
4. Dana Smith
5. Krystal Faulkingham

Bandolero Quick Time
1 Brody Moore 16.918
2. James Starcher 17.234
3. Andy Jones 17.242

Bandolero Trophy Dash (unofficial results)
1. Brody Moore
2. Andy Jones
3. Mahkrysta Hilton
4. James Starcher

Bandolero Heat Race (unofficial results)
1. Brody Moore
2. Andy Jones
3. Isaac Almaswari
4. Cale Smith
5. Aubrei Hilton
6. James Starcher
7. Mahkrysta Hilton

Bandolero Feature Results Hwy 92 (unofficial results)
1. #78 Brody Moore B
2. #22 Andy Jones O
3. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton O
4. #03 Isaac Almaswari O
5. #07 Aubrei Hilton B
6. #2 Cale Smith B
7. #63 James Starcher B

Rocky Mountain Legends and Bandolero season ends October 6, 2018

The final checkered flag for the RMLRA season of Legends and Bandoleros will fly this Saturday evening. The Legends will be racing at Big Country Speedway and it will be a double points event. It looks like Wayne Barlock can possibly win the 2018 championship for the third time. He is currently on top of the points list with one race to go, and that is a double points race, that could have some changes when finished. We will certainly know at the end of the race. His previous championships were in 2009 and 2014. Wayne started racing with the RMLRA in 2006. He has supported the RMLRA attending many races through the years. He
also holds the position of RMLRA vice president this season.

In second place as of this date is the #05 driver Nick Cooper. He also is a previous championand he was credited with winning the first RMLRA championship (Front Range Tour) in 2003.He started racing Legends in 2001. Nick left the Legends racing program in 2006 to work away from home. In 2017 he returned to race and rejoin many new drivers that had found their way into Legend racing.

It looks like Dana Smith of Laramie, Wyoming will be the 2018 ROTY. In a close race with Adam Powers throughout the season, Dana accumulated more points to claim the title. Ashlyn Himler in her very first season of racing attended many races and is still learning how to drive and race her Legend car.

The Bandoleros will close out their schedule at Colorado National Speedway. While several drivers are a few years older then some and have been racing in other classes before climbing into their Bandolero, there was a lot to learn. Racing side by side at times was fun to watch andother times, accidents happened on the track.

Racing by class the Outlaws had several drivers proving their talents. At times they could not be caught. Several of these drivers could not travel to the out of town tracks as their parents were racing at Colorado National Speedway. Lillian McAfee led the amount of races attended with a total of twenty-one. Isaac Almaswari and Mahkrysta Hilton attended nineteen races. Thanks to all of the parents and drivers for making this first Bandolero season successful.  In the Bandits division Brody Moore, twenty-two races, James Starcher and Aubrei Hilton were there for nineteen races. With a little organizing for the Bandoleros I feel that they will beputting on a great show next season.

The Bandolero national points are pretty much caught up on the National list. Other than having a few drivers listed in the wrong class we have corrected that now and Scotty has done a great job with all the entries for both classes of race cars.

It has been a great season for the Legends and Bandoleros with cars counts in the thirties at Colorado National Speedway. The Bandolero car count was over twenty, three times at CNS.  Make plans now to attend the RMLRA Awards Banquet November 3, 2018