Hwy 92 - BCS Results - 7/19/2015

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Legends on the road to Gering, NE @ HWY 92 Raceway Park

Friday evening the Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association travelled to Gering to race at the quarter mile race track. It is the only paved oval in Nebraska and if you have not been there in years you should take time and plan a Friday evening at the track. The owner of the track, has really done a great job in upgrading the track facilities. Their loyal fans are there every Friday evening to watch their local favorites. There are several several classes of racing vehicles. Legend race cars have been making the trip for many years to entertain the fans. Old records show that we tried to race several times in 1997 when the track was named Oregon Trail Speedway. The Legends returned to Hwy 92 in 2005 and have raced there every year but 2011. The racing surface could use some work as the asphalt has worn out and cracks are in the racing grooves. It is still a fun place to race according to the drivers.

Wayne Barlock Jr wins at Gering, NE

Wayne Barlock Jr led a field of thirteen starters to the checkered flag Friday evening at Hwy 92. Fifteen cars were on hand but the cars of Corey Seip and Scotty Scott were involved in an accident during the heat race with two other cars and could not be repaired to run the feature. In the twenty five lap Main event, Barlock led from start to finish. Wayne said earlier in the pits that they had found something and corrected it and the car was dialed in and ran strong. The race went green, white, checker.

Barlock also won the trophy dash and fast heat. Zach Witherwax also won a heat race. Quick Time Barlock 14.93

25 Lap Main (unofficial)
1. Barlock
2. Pechman
3. D. J. Stewart
4. D. L. Stewart
5. Radosta (R)
6. Witherwax
7. Adkison
8. Blevins
9. Roe (R)
10. Bedore
11. McBride
12. King (R)
13. Pearson (R)

Trophy Dash
1. Barlock
2. DL Stewart
3. Scott
4. Pechman
5. Radosta

Heat Race
1. Barlock
2. Pechman
3. Adkison
4. DL Stewart
5. Seip DNF
6. Scott DNF
7. DJ Stewart
8. Radosta

2nd Heat Race
1. Witherwax
2. Blevins
3. Roe
4. Bedore
5. King
6. McBride
7. Pearson

Adam Pechman wins first Legend Main at Big Country

Adam Pechman took an early lead in the twenty-five lap Main Saturday evening and held on to beat the top finishers of Scott, DJ Stewart, Pachello and DL Stewart. It was Adams’ first Main win in a Legend car. A few restarts early in the race but it went green the last twenty laps. The number thirty-three car of Bruce Pearson pulled off the track late in the race with an oil leak. Wayne Barlock Jr who had won the Friday night Main did not start the race due an oil leak. That was what I heard. His car is new and he did not want to take a chance of having major problems while racing. Brad and Glen Tilton of Cheyenne made their season debut last night and it was good to see them. They own a NAPA store in Cheyenne and it limits their racing nights throughout the season.

A decision made by the Witherwax Racing team turned the number forty-six car into the number seven with Corey Seip racing for points taking the car to a sixth place finish in the feature. The race at Big Country was a double points night for the RMLRA point standings. Scotty Scott showed up late with his CNS car as they were not expected to race on Saturday after their short track car was damaged on Friday in Gering. They went back to Arvada later that night and went to work Saturday morning and switched the setup over to a Big Country set up and finished second in the feature. A $100.00 donation was given to the driver who passed the most cars during the feature and Larry Pachello won the bonus prize.

Darrell J. Stewart was the top qualifier with a 14.178, Pechman timed in at 14.229, and Barlock at 14.283 and Scott at 14.284

The trophy dash was run by the bottom six cars that timed in and Bill Blevins won his first dash of his racing career. Congratulations Bill on the win. I could see the smile on your face from the tower when you received the trophy and in the interview with the track announcer.

Thanks to all who took time out to race this weekend. Several of you who have never done this before, it was nice to get to know you a little better and thanks for supporting Legend racing. Fifteen cars at Gering and eighteen at Cheyenne were excellent turnouts. For those of us that went to the Whiskey Creek Steak House after the race on Friday evening it was fun getting to sit and talk with many of you. Racing for the next three weekends will be at Colorado National Speedway. See you there.

Austin Radosta and Larry Pachello won heat races.

Big Country Main results (unofficial)
1. #25 Adam Pechman
2. #6 Scotty Scott
3. #30 DJ Stewart
4. #19 Larry Pachello
5. #03 D. L. Stewart
6. #7 Corey Seip
7. #4 Brad Tilton
8. #9 Glen Tilton
9. #23 Austyn Radosta (R)
10. #17 BreAnn Adkison
11. #16 Travis Roe (R)
12. #97 Bill Blevins
13. #83 Don Bedore
14. #09 Terry McBride
15. #12 Kenny Adkins (R)
16. #77 Josiah King (R)
17. #33 Bruce “Coach” Pearson (R)

Trophy Dash
1. Blevins
2. Bedore
3. Adkins
4. McBride
5. King
6. Pearson

Heat Race
1. Radosta
2. DL Stewart
3. B. Tilton
4. G. Tilton
5. Adkinson
6. Roe

Heat Race
1. Pachello
2. Scott
3. Seip
4. Pechman
5. DJ Stewart
6. Barlock (DNF)