Hwy 92 & BCS Results - 6/1/2012 - 6/2/2012

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A two day road trip to Gering and Cheyenne attended by fifteen cars each night ended on Saturday night at Big Country Speedway with a thirty lap feature win by Kyle Clegg. Kyles biggest competition might have been Kyle Ray and Darrell Stewart, but both had
engine proplems and were not around when the checkered flag flew. Darrell qualified fifth of the fifteen cars but had some serious engine problems develop and put his #03 in his trailer before the races started. Kyle Ray was the second fastest qualifier, but his engine failed him going out to run the trophy dash. After troubleshooting the engine an
electrical problem was taken care of and he started the feature at the rear. After seven laps his engine blew on the front straightaway and his night was over. Kyle Clegg who started in the third row eventually took over the number one spot and won going away.

Corey Seip, Scotty Scott, Chris Cooper and David Hondel completed the top five feature spots. It was a good race and the driver were applauded by the flagman at Big Country. Kyle clegg recorded the quick time in qualifying with a 13.969. He also won the Legends Heat #2 race for legends. Corey Seip won the Trophy Dash and the Legends Heat #1 was won by Adam Pechman.

The car count I felt was down a couple of more cars and it would have made a great show with about five more cars. Two cars were damaged on Friday night and did not race at Big Country. Other than some early rain in the afternoon it was a great evening of racing and the end of a two race weekend. Thank you drivers for doing your part. The two day weekend of racing takes much preparation on car owners and drivers to drive many miles to race and eventually make the drive home safely and unload the car and not have to much damage on the race car and our own bodies from all the stress and strain to race the car. Thanks to those of you who covered my spot on Friday night at Gering. Thanks to Mrs. Richard #36 & #37, who helped out with the notes for me to send out the results and news from Highway 92 Raceway Park on Friday. And toTim
Cooper who was on the Receiver. Thanks to all of you who helped repair the #13 car of Pete Dellarco so that he could make the feature race Friday night. Pete hit the number four turn wall when his throttle stuck during his heat race. By 11:00 PM the car was repaired to start the feature. he started last and reports had him closing in on fourth place before he fell back to eleventh place at the end of the race. Pete is a very good driver and is close to winning a feature one of these nights. The above information from Gering was second hand information. I hope what I have passed along is correct and I thank them for their time at the track.

Feature Results 30 Laps (unofficial)
1. Clegg
2. C. Seip
3. Scott
4. Cooper
5. Hondel
6. Moore
7. MacEwen
8. Witherwax
9. Jones
10. G. Richard
11. Pechman
12. J. Richard
13. Blevins
14. Ray
D. Stewart did not start feature

Trophy Dash 8 Laps
1. C. Seip
2. Clegg
3. Cooper
4. Scott
5. Hondel

Legend Heat #1
1. Pechman
2. G. Richard
3. MacEwen
4. Witherwax
5. Jones
6. J. Richard
7. Blevins

Legends Heat #2
1. Clegg
2. C. Seip
3. Scott
4. Cooper
5. Moore

Friday Night Race at Gering, Nebraska

Fifteen cars on hand after making the long trip. We were expecting 18-20 cars but we had fifteen cars there to help make the RMLRA a good racing show. Bill Blevins developed an oil leak and did not race on Friday night. He did make repairs and race
Saturday at Big Country Speedway. The race track at Gering is a tough place to race and getting used to the track might have been hard for several drivers to figure out.

Track owner Lee has put a lot of money back into the track and from what I heard the track is really looking good. The crews that were at the races Friday night said there was a great crowd on hand. The drivers-fans appreciation night was very successful as all the cars were rolled onto the track and the fans in the stands came out and talked to the drivers and got autographs during intermission. Garret Richard won his first Trophy Dash in his #37 Legend and won the first Legend Hear race. The track opted to use the slower qualifying cars in the Troph Dash. Kyle Ray won Legend Heat #2. In the featue
race Darrell Stewart led for twelve laps before Kyle Ray took over the lead. A green, white, checker was run as a car spun on lap twenty-three. On the last lap of the race, contact between two cars. The #07 car of Bill was damaged severely and was done for the weekend.

Highway 92 Raceway Park Results

Feature Race 25 Laps (unofficial)

1. Kyle Ray
2. Darrell Stewart
3. Scotty Scott
4. Corey Seip
5. Chris Cooper
6. Garret Richard
7. David Hondel
8. Zach Witherwax
9. Brandon Moore
10. Adam Pechman
11. Pete Dellarco
12. Josh Richard
13. Bill Seip
14. Ryan Jones

Trophy Dash

1. G. Richard
2. B. Seip
3. J. Richard
4. Moore
5. Witherwax
6. Pechman

Legend Heat #1

1. G. Richard
2. Witherwax
3. Jones
4. B. Seip
5. Moore
6. Pechman
7. J. Richard

Legend Heat #2

1. Ray
2. Scott
3. C. Seip
4. Stewart
5. Hondel
6. Cooper
7. Dellarco