Hwy92 & BCS Results - 8/26/2012

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Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association/August 26, 2012

Two nights of back to back racing in Gering, Nebraska and Cheyenne, Wyoming had Kyle Ray winning the feature races on both nights. The number fifty-eight car was dialed in from the start and with the break of the draws got to the lead in both races before the top qualifier Corey Seip, could break through the field of cars to try to chase Kyle Ray down. Corey had the top qualifying car on both nights of the weekend.

At Hwy 92, Friday evening, twelve Legends made the trip and raced in front of a very nice crowd. I would like to tell everyone who has not been to the track in several years, that Lee the owner of the track, has really made the track looking great with a lot of improvements. Yes, the track could use a new coat of asphalt, but that would be a very expensive cost to Nebraskaʼs only paved speedway. This weekend was our second trip for the RMLRA to race on Friday night at this track. It takes a lot of preparation and time
to travel to this race track. To the membership that made the trip thank you for what you did accomplish this weekend. The RMLRA have many new and young drivers this season and these races on the shorter tracks are there for them to develop their skills. Several of the drivers could not make the trip to help the car count this weekend, but we look forward to seeing them back on the track. The RMLRA will be racing at Colorado National Speedway on Saturday, September 1.

Kyle Ray did win the twenty-five lap feature as the Legends went green, white and checker. Pete Dellarco, David Hondel, Corey Seip and Darrell Stewart were among the top five drivers trying to catch Ray with no success. Darrell Stewart was making only his third start of the season. Two new drivers also helped out the field of cars on Friday night. Tim Cooper filled in for his son Chris who was playing football. Kevin Collins of Gering, drove the number ninty car of Steve Newton, and was doing a very good job until he had to pull off the track with engine problems. Kevin had planned to race on Saturday until the engine problems developed.

David Hondel won the trophy dash and a heat race. Pete Dellarco won the second heat race.

Racing Saturday night at Big Country Speedway, thirteen cars were on hand and treated the sparse crowd to some good Legend Races. In qualifying Corey Seip edged Kyle Rayby 0.001of a second to win the qualifying. Bill Blevins and Ryan Jones joined the group of Legends coming over from the races at Gering on Friday night.

The trophy dash was won by Pete Dellarco, and the twelve lap heat race was won by David Hondel.

The feaure race had an early caution flag when Scotty Scottʼs number six came to a stop on the front stretch with an electrical problem. The race was restarted and went green, white and checker the rest of the thirty lap main race. Kyle Ray was able to get by a few cars early in the race before some of the faster cars could break out and try to catch Kyle. Kyle won by a margin of five seconds over Ryan Jones, Corey Seip, Chris Cooper and Pete Dellarco.

We the members of the RMLRA would like to say thanks to all the members of the Racing Club at Big Country Speedway who are keeping the track open for race fans in the area. I personally hope that the drivers who have cars sitting in garages in the area, make an effort to return and race their cars. If the cars are there, the fans will return to the track.

25 Lap Feature Results Hwy 92
1. Kyle Ray #58
2. Pete Dellarco #13
3. David Hondel #47
4. Corey Seip #7
5. Darrell Stewart #03
6. L. Scotty Scott #6
7. Brandon Moore #77
8. Adam Pechman #25
9. Josh Richard #36
10. Kevin Collin #90
11. Zach Witherwax #46
12. Tim Cooper #39

Trophy Dash
1. Hondel
2. C. Seip
3. Stewart
4. Richard
5. Pechman
6. Witherwax

Heat Race #1
1. Dellarco
2. Pechman
3. Collins
4. Moore
5. T. Cooper
6. Witherwax

Heat Race #2
1. Hondel
2. Richard
3. Ray
4. Scott
5. Stewart
6. Seip

30 Lap Feature Big Country Speedway
1. Ray
2. Jones
3. C. Seip
4. C. Cooper
5. Dellarco
6. Stewart
7. Hondell
8. Moore
9. Richard
10. Witherwax
11. Pechman
12. Blevins
13. Scott

Trophy Dash
1. Dellarco
2. Ray
3. C. Seip
4. Jones
5. Cooper
6. Stewart

Heat Race
1. Hondell
2. Scott
3. Witherwax
4. Richard
5. Moore
6. Pechman
7. Blevins