Hwy92 & BCS Results - 8/30/2015

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Peyton Saxton Sweeps weekend racing at Hwy 92 & Big Country

The racing team of Peyton Saxton and Mark Nahrstedt recently raced the summer Shoot Out in Charlotte NC the past two months, and dropped by to race at Hwy 92 and Big Country Speedways this weekend. Because of the lack of cars needed for full INEX points at a race Mark Nahrstedt pulled one of the teams back up cars out of the trailer and helped fill the field.

During the weekends main events Peyton showed his driving abilities by out driving the local drivers. After the race was over they loaded the cars on their trailer and headed to Las Vegas. After accepting the trophy at Big Country, Peyton handed the trophy to a very small girl in a princess outfit with a crown. (4-5 years old) Much to the delight of the crowd who stayed for the track interview after the race.

Fourteen cars were on hand at Hwy 92 with BreAnn Adkison not starting the feature with engine problems. At Big Country on Saturday Don Bedore was also having engine problems and sat out the races. Dave Hondel started the feature in Scotty Scotts other car. The six was converted to the number eight which Hondel had asked for a month ago and was given. It was a park and start for car count points. To everyone who made this two day weekend, thanks for taking time out to participate at these tracks. There is one more two day weekend trip next month to complete our season at these tracks. The good deal that we had been getting at the Super 8 Motel has gone bust. Last month their rates were great but on Friday when checking in the prices had doubled. New ownership they told me. I love the towns of Gering and Scottsbluff, but not interested in paying those prices. Make some phone calls if you feel the need to do so.

Friday nights qualifying had Sexton at the top with a 14.894, Sexton also won the fast heat race. Zach Witherwax won the trophy dash and Larry Pachello was a winner in the second heat  race. The races ran long on Friday evening and the trip to the Whiskey Creek Steak House was missed. Many of us gathered at Shari’s a few blocks down the street for a late meal.

We had a few accidents on the track during the races. Nothing appeared to be real serious and the cars were repaired and started the Main’s.

We also had great weather this weekend. Very warm and no rain.

This weeks races will be held at Colorado National Speedway. I hope to see you there. Please read at the bottom of this Newsletter an announcement from Bruce Peterson. He needs some help at a school presentation. Thanks

Hwy 92 Main results 25 Laps (unofficial)
1. #10 Peyton Saxton, Las Vegas, Nevada
2. #3 Barlock
3. #10N Mark Nahrstedt, Charlotte, NC
4. #30 DJ Stewart
5. #6 Scott
6. #25 Pechman
7. #7 Seip
8. #03 DL Stewart
9. #46 Witherwax
10. #16 Roe
11. #19 Pachello
12. #83 Bedore
13. #09McBride
14. #17 Adkison DNS engine problems

Trophy Dash 8 Laps
1. Witherwax
2. Pachell
3. Roe
4. Bedore
5. McBride

Heat Race #1 (fast) 12 Laps
1. Saxton
2. Barlock
3. Nahrstedt
4. DJ Stewart
5. Scott
6. Pechman
7. Seip

Heat Race #2 (slow) 12 Laps
1. Pachello
2. DL Stewart
3. Witherwax
4. Bedore
5. McBride
6. Roe DNF
7. Adkison DNS

Big Country 30 Lap Main results (unofficial)
1. #10 Saxton
2. #30 DJ Stewart
3. #25 Pechman
4. #3 Barlock
5. #03 DL Stewart
6. #6 Scott
7. #7 Seip
8. #17 Adkison
9. #19 Pachello
10. #16 Roe
11. #12 K. Adkins
12. #46 Witherwax
13. McBride
14. Nahrstedt
15. Hondel
16. Bedore DNS engine problems

Big Country Qualifying Top 5
1. DJ Stewart 14.112
2. Saxton 14.166
3. Barlock 14.239
4. Pechman 14.295
5. Scott 14.306

Trophy Dash 8 Laps
1. DL Stewart
2. Pachello
3. Adkison
4. Scott
5. Seip
6. Nahrstedt

Heat #1
1. Seip
2. Roe
3. Adkison
4. K. Adkins
5. McBride
6. Witherwax
7. Pachello DNF

Heat #2
1. Nahrstedt
2. Barlock
3. Saxton
4. DJ Stewart
5. Scott
6. Pechman
7. DL Stewart

We are putting together a "Speedweek" here at Jefferson to run the week of September 21-26. We had done this twice over the years and each time it was very successful. We have car owners and drivers bring their cars to JHS in our Auto Shop for sort of a show and tell and talk to kids about the importance of school in general, but also stress how they use math and science. I have asked a couple of Super Stock and Pure Stock drivers from CNS to attend, but obviously I would love to have as many Legend teams to attend as possible. I will be trying to get some media coverage as well (9 News is very interested in what we are doing here at Jefferson, they were already here last week and did a story on us because we are now including 7th and 8th graders).

I was wondering if you could help me get the word out to any drivers and teams that you think might be interested in being a part of the event. Please feel free to give them my contact info.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the track.

Bruce Pearson
Thunder Kids Motorsports