Hwy 92 & BCS Results - 8/9/2014

posted Aug 11, 2014, 9:24 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Aug 11, 2014, 9:24 AM ]

Wayne Barlock wins at Hwy 92 & Big Country

It was a sweep of Hwy 92 and Big Country Speedways this weekend for Wayne Barlock JR. racing out of Eaton, Colorado. he now has four feature wins in the RMLRA this season and sits on top of the point standings.

Ten cars made the trip to Gering Friday night, and again I personally thank those of you who have supported the races this season. You should have received a Newsletter this past week that the September 20 race at Hwy 92 has been cancelled. A scheduling problem was discovered last month and the club officials met and decided to cancel the race. Club officials were to have met with Lee and his staff on Friday.

Quick time on Friday was set by Wayne Barlock with a 14.96. Chris Cooper won the trophy dash and heat races were won by Adam Pechman and Mike Gallegos. Here are the unofficial results from Friday evening. I understand there may have been a change from seventh place through the tenth position. The club points will be changed when we receive the official results from the track.

Saturday evening at Big Country Speedway fourteen cars were on hand to qualify and race. David Hondel of Cheyenne was the top qualifier with a 14.072. Randy Haynes who was injured in a non racing accident was back out for his second appearance of the season. I have heard that both drivers have sons that are playing tournament baseball on the weekends and limiting their racing time. Good to see both drivers at the track. Hondel raced at CNS last weekend.

I did not attend the races this weekend and am just trying to put the Newsletter together for your information. Jacob mentioned on his Facebook page that the feature was called when several cars were involved in an accident which brought the red flag. The race was called official at that point.

There are no races scheduled for this upcoming weekend but the RMLRA will return to Colorado National Speedway, August 23.

Just want to say thanks to BreAnn Adkins, Terry McBride, Jessica Savage, Mike Gallegos, Adam Pechman, Darrell Stewart, Darrell J. Stewart and Wayne Barlock for attending all the races so far this season. If I missed somebody let me know. The success and future of the RMLRA is in the car count at our races. Thank you for your participation each and every weekend. Racing and repairing your cars every week to race does not come easy. Many hours are spent each week preparing the car to race on race nights. And as we all know it is a sport where we need sponsorship money to keep the car running well.

Hwy 92 - 35 Lap Feature unofficial results
1. #3 Wayne Barlock
2. #34 Chris Cooper
3. #30 Darrell J. Stewart (R)
4. #03 Darrell Stewart
5. #06 Mike Gallegos
6. #25 Adam Pechman
7. #11 Jessica Savage
8. #09 Terry McBride
9. #23 Austyn Radosta (R)
10. #17 BreAnn Adkins

Trophy Dash
1. Cooper
2. Barlock
3. Stewart D. J. (R)
4. Pechman
5. Gallegos

1st Heat Race
1. Pechman
2. Radosta (R)
3. Adkison
4. Savage
5. McBride

2nd Heat Race
1. Gallegos
2. Barlock
3. Cooper
4. Stewart D.
5. Stewart D. J. (R)

Big Country Quick Time
#47 David Hondel 14.072

Big Country 30 Lap Feature results (unofficial)
1. Wayne Barlock
2. Mike Gallegos
3. Darrell J. Stewart (R)
4. David Hondel
5. Chris Cooper
6. Darrell Stewart
7. A. J. Canada
8. Austyn Radosta (R)
9. Randy Haynes (R)
10. Chappy Adkins
11. BreAnn Adkins
12. Jessica Savage
13. Adam Pechman
14. Terry McBride

Trophy Dash
1. #30 Darrell Stewart
2. #47 David Hondel
3. #3 Wayne Barlock
4. #06 Mike Gallegos

1st Heat Race
1. #14 Adkins
2. #23 Radosta
3. #11 Savage
4. #17 Adkinson
5. #09 McBride

2nd Heat Race
1. #25 Pechman
2. #03 Stewart D.
3. #34 Cooper
4. #51 Canada
5. #5 Haynes