I-25 Results - 5/21/2018

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Medina, Barlock. Rayl win at I-25 Speedway

Saturday was a cool and rainy day along the Rockies in Colorado, but the rain stopped just after 6PM and the track decided to run their racing program. Several cars left the pits thinking the rain would be the dominant factor controlling the days activities at I-25 Speedway. Racing got underway a little bit after eight o’clock and when the last Legend feature was completed it was after midnight. A very small crowd on hand possibly due to the weather. But those that were there saw some good races.

Eighteen RMLRA Legends and twelve Bandolero race cars were on hand for practice and with the rain falling late in the afternoon, time trials were not held. Legend races were very competitive and fast throughout the night. Wayne Barlock Jr had the fast time posted in practice. In the first feature Danny Medina crossed the finish line just ahead of Nick Cooper, Wayne Barlock, Cody Dempster and Scotty Scott. Good tough racing by all with your usual contact with bent bumpers through the race but all cars finished the race. #97 Ashlyn Himler made her rookie debut Saturday evening finishing both feature races. Give her some time to get used to the race car and she will be a competitor just like her dad Paul who drives the number eighty-eight Legend. This was the first win of the 2018 season for Danny.

In the second Legend feature Wayne Barlock won his first feature of the season with a real close race towards the end of the twenty-five lap race to the checkered flag. Barlock, Medina and Cooper all running very close had some contact in the turn one and Medina spun out but kept his car moving and no caution flag was thrown. I-25 is known to be a track that bends bumpers during the races. The number forty-eight had to be removed by the hook after contact among a couple of cars in turns three and four. It was reported in the tower that Cody Dempster had injured his shoulder. I did not hear anything later.

Nick Cooper finished second with Scotty Scott, Ryan Rudolph and Travis Roe as your top five finishers. Heat races were won by Dean Kallas and Wayne Barlock With a field of twelve Bandolero race cars in the pits before the rains came, ten cars started the feature race. Greg Rayl won the fifteen lap race with a few caution flags during the race. This was the second feature for the Bandolero class as it continues to build. Congratulations to those of you able to make the race with all the bad weather in Colorado. Corey Sefcovic finished second and Brody Moore was third. Andy Jones and Issac Almaswari were the fourth and fifth place finishers.

The number sixty-three of James Starcher made the long trip from Nebraska to race last night. His sixth place finish in the feature should have made him and his parents very happy. As we continue to build this class the main problem may have been mine with the Raceceiver, as I had trouble communicating with the drivers. Hey drivers and parents we will work it out and we will be running smoothly soon. Thanks for your help in starting the Bandolero’s of the RMLRA. Do talk with the drivers and see if they can tell whether or not they could hear me but did not know what to do, when trying to line them up for the restarts. Also make sure your car has a transponder in the car when racing at Big Country and I-25 Speedway.

Lilian McAfee and Greg Rayl won the heat races earlier in the evening.

For those of you who will be racing next weekend in Rumble in the Rockies do enjoy this three day weekend of racing. It is a lot of fun but also a lot of work to stay out of trouble on the track while racing. I am sorry to say that I will not be able to attend as my granddaughter graduates out of state. Someone will fill in for me on the Raceceiver.

Just a reminder to check on you INEX membership if you have sent it in over two weeks ago and have not heard from them.

Legend Feature #1
1. 15 Medina
2. 05 Cooper
3. 3 Barlock
4. 48 Dempster
5. 6 Scott L.
6. 46 Witherwax
7. 16 Roe
8. 88 Himler P.
9. 96 Rudolph R.(R)
10. 23 Radosta
11. 1 Smith (R)
12. 13 Hulvey
13. 53 Scott Ryan (R)
14. 33 Kallas
15. 44 Williams -1
16. 08 Faulkingham -1
17. 28 Powers (R)-1
18. 78 Himler A. (R)-1

Legend Feature #2
1. Barlock
2. Cooper
3. Scott L
4. Rudolph (R)
5. Roe
6. Witherwax
7. Hulvey
8. Himler P
9. Williams
10. Smith
11. Kallas -1
12. Faulkingham -1
13. Powers (R)-1
14. Medina -1
15. Dempster -6 DNF
16. Scott Ryan (R)-7 DNF
17. Himler A (R)-8

Bandolero Feature 15 Laps
1. 55 Greg Rayl O
2. 11 Corey Sefcovic B
3. 78 Brody Moore B
4. 22 Andy Jones B
5. 03 Isaac Almaswari O
6. 63 James Starcher B
7. 07 Aubrei Hilton B
8. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton O
9. 7 Kate Morse O
10. 10 Lillian McAfee O