I-25 Results - 6/10/2017

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I-25 results/National Qualifier/Short Track Challenge June 10, 2017

Saturday racing in Pueblo, Colorado was hot, high nineties during the afternoon. Good racing this weekend with twelve cars at the track. Thank you for racing with the RMLRA this weekend. Quick Time by Adam Pechman #25 I did not see the posting of times. Trophy Dash was won by Nick Cooper. The other heat race was won by Danny Medina.

Danny Medina and Adam Pechman raced side by side for many laps and Adam tried hard to get the win but the veteran of many wins at I-25 Speedway over the years, held off Adam to win the thirty lap feature. Cody Dempster and Scotty Scott were right on their rear bumpers if they made a mistake. Nick Cooper in the #05 car finished a strong fifth and received the fifty dollar bonus as he was one of five cars whose numbers were drawn with the highest position at the end of the race after timing. Frisbees with car numbers were thrown into the stands with car numbers on them. The lucky fan was a young lady who was escorted onto the track to meet Nick.

National qualifiers are listed below and on their way to Las Vegas in October for the 2017 Asphalt Nationals. Congratulations.

Racing returns to Colorado National Speedway this Saturday evening June 17.

Congratulations to Chris Eggleston on his K&N win at Colorado National Speedway on Saturday evening.

30 Lap Feature results (unofficial)
1. #15 Danny Medina (National Qualifier P)
2. #25 Adam Pechman (National Qualifier SP)
3. #48 Cody Dempster (National Qualifier YL)
4. #6 Scotty Scott (National Qualifier M)
5. #05 Nick Cooper
6. #16 Travis Roe
7. #51 AJ Canada
8. #46 Zach Witherwax
9. #13 Jason Hulvey
10. #17 BreAnn Adkison
11. #56 Matt Ratzlaff
12. #08k Krystal Faulkingham (R)