I-25 Results - 6/18/2011

posted Jun 19, 2011, 12:47 PM by Admin RMLRA

Kyle Ray started last in the twenty lap feature at I-25 last night and took over the lead several laps into the feature and took home the first place trophy for his first feature win of the season. The race was scheduled for twenty laps because the car count was down to ten cars starting the feature.

Scotty Scott won his first trophy dash driving a Legend, and Dave Richard won his first Legend heat race.

The field of cars was small last night as this scheduled race was added after the main schedule was released. Thanks to all of you who made the trip to I-25 last night and raced.

The #44 car of Kevin Kurtz was damaged in the heat race and was repaired by many helpers in the pits. Kevin was able to start the feature and gain valuable points in his run for the points. Jon Kast #4 was not as lucky and will have some repairs to do before racing again. Cole MacEwen #85 suffered major damage in the feature and will have a lot of repair work done on his car.

20 Lap feature results
1. Kyle Ray #20
2. Pete Dellarco #13
3. L. Scotty Scott #6
4. Chris Cooper #34
5. Brandon Moore #77
6. Eric Stedman #1
7. Dave Richard #37
8. Kevin Kurtz #44
9. Adam Pechman #25
10. Cole MacEwen #85 DNF
Jon Kast #4 DNS feature due to accident in heat race

Trophy Dash
1. Scotty Scott
2. Kyle Ray
3. Pete Dellarco
4. Brandon Moore
5. Chris Cooper
6. Eric Stedman

Heat Race
1. Dave Richard
2. Cole MacEwen
3. Adam Pechman
4. Kevin Kurtz DNF
5. Jon Kast DNF