I-25 Results - 6/29/2013

posted Jun 30, 2013, 9:59 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jul 4, 2013, 9:58 PM ]

Jason Irwin wins Race Central Media Legends thirty lap feature at I-25 Speedway

Jason Irwin racing out of Albuquerque, New Mexico won the thirty lap feature Saturday night in a race that had many caution flags. Chris Cooper, Frederick, dueled with Joshua Jackson also out of Albuquerque to take the second place position. Finishing fourth was Darrell Stewart, and Wayne Barlock Jr, was fifth.

Ryan Jones starting fourth row inside was involved in an accident in turn three on the first lap and was unable to continue. Sidney Ross lost an oil line on her last lap going into turn three. No one else was involved in the oil.  Four Legend cars made the trip to I-25 to race with us. Thanks for coming up to race with us. Those four drivers were, Jason Irwin, Joshua Jackson, Cameron Morga and Randy Irwin. There was some rumors floating around in the pits that several driver would be racing in Las Vegas, July fourth and than making the over night trip to Denver for the two day show at CNS. Travel safe drivers.

Looking For Bandoleroʼs

At last nights race we were introduced to the group that is racing Bandoleroʼs this season at I-25. They had four cars and are looking for drivers to join them. If you have one sitting in your garage or shed and would like to join them, they would like to hear from you. They are interested in buying if you have one and would like to sell. Contact Shelby Wilson @719-429-2259.

Two scheduled races at CNS Friday, July 5, Saturday, July 6.

The Race Central Media Legends return to Colorado National Speedway this Friday and Saturday. Races are scheduled to start at the regular time.

25 Lap feature results
1. Irwin
2. Cooper
3. Jackson
4. Stewart
5. Barlock
6. Pechman
7. J. Richard
8. B. Seip
9. Wall (R)
10. Morga (New Mexico)
11. Adkins-1
12. Ross-5 DNF (R)
13. Witherwax-8 DNF
14. Adkison-17 (R)
15. Randy Irwin-28 DNF (New Mexico)
16. Jones-30 DNF
#42 Patrick Manchego DNS (engine electrical problems)

Quick Time Jason Irwin

Trophy Dash 10 Laps
1. Barlock
2. Cooper
3. Wall
4. J. Irwin
5. Jackson
6. B. Seip

Fast Heat 10 Laps
1. Stewart
2. Jones
3. Witherwax
4. Pechman
5. Morga

Slow Heat 10 Laps
1. Richard
2. Adkins
3. Adkison
4. Ross
5. Manchego-1