I-25 Results - 6/6/2016

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Young DJ Stewart wins at I-25 Speedway

D J Stewart won his first Legend feature. Racing in his second year with the RMLRA he brought home his first feature checkered flag this season. Adam Pechman, Zach Witherwax continued their good seasons with a top three finish. Austyn Radosta and Travis Roe had very good races and finished in the top five. Seventeen cars were on hand Saturday night. #61 Sidney Ross and #71 Frank Martinez made their season debut. Scotty Scott won the Trophy Dash and Eric Hipkins and Corey Seip won the heat races. Thanks to everyone who made the trip to I-25 to race. These results were taken from the I-25 Speedway web site as I am not in town.

RMLRA return to CNS for next two weeks

RMLRA returns to Colorado National Speedway this weekend and will race the next two Saturday nights on the three eights mile track. June 20 race at CNS will be a double points race for the RMLRA points chase. There were a few drivers that elected to not join the club earlier this season and that is your choice. There have always been clubs associated with racing divisions. To support the club and try to attend as many races as possible keeps the club strong and in demand to race during the following season.  Sort of the United we stand divided we fall quote.

Big July Fourth Weekend Races @ CNS & Big Country

I-25 Feature Results
1. D J Stewart
2. A. Pechman
3. Z. Witherwax
4. A. Radosta
5. T. Roe
6. E. Hipkins
7. T. McBride
8. Frank Martinez
9. B. Atkinson
10. L. Johnson
11. A. Redmond
12. S. Scott
13. C. Snow DNF
14. C. Seip. DNF
15. S. Ross DNF
16. L. Pachello DNF
17. D. L. Stewart DNF

Trophy Dash
1. 6 Scott
2. 25 Pechman
3. 46 Witherwax
4. 30 Stewart
5. 96 Snow
6. 03 Stewart

Heat Race
1. 98 Hipkins
2. 09 McBride
3. 23 Radosta
4. 16 Roe
5. 19 Pachello
6. 17 Atkinson

Heat Race
1. 7 Seip
2. 71 Martinez
3. 53 Johnson
4. 61 Ross
5. 42 Redmond