I-25 Results - 6/8/2019

posted Jun 14, 2019, 11:37 AM by Admin RMLRA

DJ Stewart and Zachary Morris win at I-25 Speedway

This Saturday evening, June 15, the Legends and Bandoleros will be on the track at Colorado National Speedway to race and have some fun. Hope to see many of you at the track this weekend. Remember to enjoy the racing opportunity that you have and take it easy on the track while racing especially during the heat races or dashes. Points are only awarded for your finish in the feature race. The car count has been low at I-25 for both divisions after a great opening night in May. Both divisions should try to support these races if possible. The track depends on us to supply cars for the races and for fans to come to the track. Thanks to all of you who made the trip to I-25 to race.

In the feature races DJ Stewart won the Legends race and the Bandolero winner was Zach Morris. Congratulations to the victors and hope that there are many more in your future. Results were slow in coming to me from Saturday nights races at I-25. Here are the unofficial results.

If you would be interested in taking over the Newsletter and try to keep the good news flowing to the members I would be happy to talk with you. If you would like to take over the Raceceiver duties at the track, the job is open if interested. My days doing this is slowly coming to an end. If you are a race fan, you could really help with this at the track. You have no decisions to make as the track controls the races. Your main job would be to spot the accidents and realign the cars for restarts. You also receive free admission into the pits.

Legend Feature Race (unofficial results)
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #21 Ryan Jones
3. #46 Zach Witherwax
4. #3 Wayne Barlock
5. #03 DL Stewart
6. #16 Travis Roe
7. #00 Chris Saykally
8. #53 Ryan Scott
9. #37 Tanner Scarberry
10. #72 Cynthia Robb
11. #44 Alfred Matthews DNS

Bandoleros Feature Race (unofficial results)
1. #89 Zachary Morris
2. #78 Brody Moore
3. #22 Andy Jones
4. #63 Charles Starcher
5. #3 Nandini Breggin
6. #12 Bryanna Bruce
7. #77 Chasen Groff DQ Tech