I-25 Results - 7/14/2012

posted Jul 17, 2012, 8:03 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jul 17, 2012, 8:03 AM ]

Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association July 17, 2012

Legend racing at I-25 Speedway Saturday night had seventeen Legends in the pits ready to race. A great turnout from New Mexico saved the race date with seven cars on hand. Nine cars from the Colorado based RMLRA also traveled to Pueblo for the third race of the season at I-25. The racing was very good from the reports received. Your reporter was not on hand to see the races as I was not available to attend this race. Again a big thanks to the New Mexico group that was on hand to race.The drivers drove hard on the track to attain their feature results.

Jason Irwin from Albuquerque a top pro driver in the Legends classification was the top car at the track as he set a new track record in qualifying, won the Trophy Dash and feature races. A second Irwin car was on hand and driven in the feature to help the car count.

While Jason Irwin was winning the feature Kyle Clegg, the RMLRA points leader was unable to overcome Irwin and finished second. Rookie Ryan Jones was third, with Corey Seip and Pete Dellarco in the top five. Heat race winners were David Hondel of Cheyenne, Wyoming and Dustin Tilbury of Albuquerque, NM.

Drivers will have a week off to try and rebuild some of the cars that are down and have not raced the past few weekends. Action will return for the RMLRA Legends July 28 at I-25 Speedway and we hope to see a few more cars on this date. John Ulander was under the weather this past weekend and unable to attend. He will have some medical treatments this week and hopefully be on hand at the next race. Thanks to Kyle McCartney and Luke Ulander for helping out this past weekend.

Legend Feature results

1.   Jason Irwin NM
2.   Kyle Clegg
3.   Ryan Jones
4.   Corey Seip
5.   Peter Dellarco
6.   Joshua Jackson NM
7.   David Hondel
8.   Brandon Moore
9.   Dustin Tilbury NM
10. Chris Cooper
11. Shane Skaggs NM
12. Adam Pechman
13. Zach Witherwax
14. Terry Sykes NM
15. Scotty Scott
16. Sarah Skaggs NM
17. Randy Irwin NM 

Trophy Dash

1.  J. Irwin
2.  Jackson
3.  Cooper
4.  Clegg
5.  Seip
6.  Jones

Heat #1

1.  Hondel
2.  Dellarco
3.  Moore
4.  Scott
5.  Witherwax

Heat #2

1.  Tilbury
2.  Sarah Skaggs
3.  Pechman
4.  Sykes
5.  Shane Skaggs DNS
6.  R. Irwin DNS