I-25 Results - Non Points Race - 9/16/2013

posted Oct 1, 2013, 2:37 PM by Admin RMLRA

Darrell Stewart wins Feature at I-25 September 16, 2013

Darrell Stewart took home the trophy as he won the feature at I-25 Saturday evening. A last minute decision was made due to the flooding in the northern part of Colorado to hold the races. No RMLRA points were awarded for the chase to the championship. Several cars elected to not race Saturday evening. Thanks to  those of you who made the trip and raced.

Darrell also won the Trophy Dash, and Jereme Wall was the heat race winner. Drivers will now have a week off to prepare for the last points race of the season. Darrell Stewart has moved into first place in the chase and has a six point lead over Wayne Barlock and Chris Cooper.

I talked to Ron Hough Monday morning and he said that he is very fortunate and blessed as his shop is dry and
no water reached his shop. Water all around him but his shop is dry.

Feature results
1. 03 Darrell Stewart
2. 46 Zach Witherwax
3. 30 Darrell J. Stewart
4. 51 AJ Canada
5. 25 Adam Pech
6. 42 Patrick Manchego
7. 17 BreAnn Adkison
8. 1 Jereme Wall Black Flag
9. 77 Gary Hobbs DNF
10. 64 Randy Rooker DNS

Trophy Dash
1. Stewart
2. Canada
3. Witherwax
4. Stewart DJ
5. Pech

Heat Race
1. Wall
2. Hobbs
3. Adkison
4. Rooker
5. Manchego