I-25 Speedway Results - 29-May-2010

posted May 30, 2010, 8:42 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 30, 2010, 8:46 PM ]

A  very good field of Legend cars on hand last night at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. Twenty two cars helped put on a great feature with good driving and sportsmanship shown. I really could not keep up with all the action but it looked like a clean race and other than a few spin outs and Scotty Scott’s number six making contact in turn four which I did not see it. He was the only car removed from the track.

Danny Medina continued his dominance at I-25 Speedway winning the thirty lap feature. While he took the checkered flag he had to work to get around several cars to get his car into first place.

Making the trip to join the local cars was Justin Irwin # 12, Jason Irwin # 9I, Trisha Tilbury and Dustin Tilbury from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Justin Irwin. A very good young driver raced with us last season at CNS and I-25 a couple of times during the 2009 season. His thirteen year old brother Jason knows how to drive a race car to as he finished seventh in the feature. They plan to race at Vegas next weekend and one of them was quoted as saying that they had raced about twenty races so far this season.

Last night was our first night at I-25 with the transponders. I thought that we had some problems with the track flagman giving a lap to go before green and they worked that out. On the restarts in the feature, cars I thought that were a lap down should have been placed among the leaders for restarts were placed in the back. The procedure told to me was to allow lapped cars to stay in position on the track until the last ten laps and then they would be placed at the back. Give them some time and it will all be worked out hopefully. I assure you that the track makes all the calls on incidents that happen on the track and sometimes they miss on the calls. The Legends Raceceiver official makes no calls during the races.

Next weekend we will be back at I-25 Speedway. I know of several cars that will not be on hand because of other commitments. If you could not race last night try to make the trip. Thanks to all of you who made the trip to I-25 last night and raced. You are the RMLRA and many people are proud of your efforts that you are doing. Many of our young drivers are starting to get more seat time and move forward with there racing efforts.

The weather was warm during the afternoon and then the winds started blowing before the feature. I made my way back to Broomfield by 11:15 PM and looked at a lot of hail that fell at my home, with leaves all over my front yard. At 7:00 AM there is still a lot of hail on my porch.

Here are last night’s final results unless we had a tech violation.

Trophy Dash

1.       Danny Medina # 15

2.       Kyle Clegg # 66

3.       Justin Irwin # 12

4.       Anthony Medina # 27

5.       Wayne Barlock # 3

6.       Corey Seip # 7

1st Heat

1.       Gary Kopp # 4

2.       AJ Canada # 51

3.       Josh Bandstra # 9

4.       Pete Dellarco # 13

5.       Scotty Scott. # 6

6.       Scott Griffith # 29

7.       Jason Irwin # 9I

8.       Kyle Ray

2Nd Heat

1.       Kyle McCartney # 18

2.       Bill Seip # 07

3.       Chris Cooper # 34

4.       Derek Kopp # 24

5.       Trisha Tilbury # 11

6.       Mike Morris # 23

7.       Eric Hipkins # 52

8.       Dustin Tilbury

30 Lap Feature (unofficial)

1.       D. Medina

2.       Justin Irwin

3.       Clegg

4.       A. Medina

5.       Barlock

6.       C. Seip

7.       Jason Irwin

8.       Griffith

9.       McCartney

10.   Dellarco

11.   Canada

12.   G. Kopp

13.   B. Seip

14.   Ray

15.   D. Kopp -1

16.   Morris -2

17.   Cooper -2

18.   Dustin Tilbury -3

19.   Trisha Tilbury -3

20.   Hipkins -12

21.   Scott -15

22.   Bandstra -16