I-25 Speedway Results - 9/22/2018

posted Sep 26, 2018, 12:19 PM by Unknown user

Sorry for the Newsletter getting out late this week but the results were not available to me/

Legend Feature 30 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Wayne Barlock Jr.
2. Nick Cooper
3. Austyn Radosta
4. Zach Witherwax
5. Jason Hulvey
6. Blair Cooper
7. Paul Himler
8. Dana Smith
9. Krystal Faulkingham
10. Dean Kallas
11. Alfred Matthews
12. Adam Powers
13. Travis Roe
14. Ryan Scott
15. Cynthia Robb

Bandolero Feature 20 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Brody Moore B
2. Lilli McAfee O
3. Mahkrysta Hilton O
4. Isaac Almaswari O
5. Kate Morse/Koscheski O
6. James Starcher DNF B
7. Cale Smith DNF B
8. Aubrei Hilton DNF B
9. Greg Rayl Jr DQ O (did not go to tech after race)

Sorry for the unofficial results but this is what I received. Thanks for racing Saturday evening. The season is coming to the end for a lot of you and you might be wanting to sell your car and upgrade to the newer model with the new engine package. You may have a lot of extra parts to possibly sell. On our web page we offer members a classified want ads section. The person you need to contact for placing an ad on this web site is Scotty Scott at president@rmlra.org If you need any questions answered about placing an ad contact Scotty.

One other item to pass along to drivers and car owners. If you have bought parts or borrowed them while at the track, it is time to return the parts or settle up with whom you borrowed from. Do read the USLegends ads on their web site for sales on all Legend parts an items. The INEX membership for 2019 is usually available to purchase during the months of December-January at a discount price. With the RMLRA Newsletter I will try to keep everyone advised to that information. For those of you who plan to attend the Asphalt Nationals in Las Vegas, be prepared for a lot of good competition from drivers around the country.

The RMLRA Banquet is being set up and it looks like it will be held November 18, 2018 at the Elks Club in Westminster. The hours scheduled for this event is 1-6 PM This Awards Banquet will be for Legend and Bandolero drivers, parents and friends. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Many trophies and awards will be handed out to both divisions. Just by attending the banquet you could be taking home a great gift that has been donated to the club to pass along to people that are attending this event.

To those of you who have become part of the Bandolero racing group, thank you for all you have contributed to the Bandolero Racing program. We have had some problems this season being the first season for these cars. We hope to be able to hold a meeting or two soon to plan for the 2019 season. Your attendance and input of information at this time will be deeply appreciated. When we have these meetings, don’t be afraid to make comments such as the schedule and other items that might come up. Bandolero car owners we want everyone to play on the same page of the rule book as everyone does. Bandoleros and Legends are governed
by the rule book and tech will come into play more next season, so watch what you try to change. To both classes the rule book reads.

If this rulebook does not specifically say that you can change / modify / add something,then you must consider the change / modification / addition is illegal.

Tech is a part of spec racing that the Legends and Bandoleros race in. It is very important that you go to tech after races. Drivers should be told at the pit meetings or on the Raceceiver who needs to go to tech. It is a learning experience for new drivers.

Bandolero car owners, If you want to race during the winter there are several tracks out west where you can go and race. I would get in touch with them and see if there are any rules pertaining to what gears they may make mandatory for their track. For Bandolero Outlaws, be prepared to race against drivers several years older than what you raced against here in Colorado.