I-25 Speedway Results - 9/8/2012

posted Sep 10, 2012, 10:37 PM by Admin RMLRA

Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association I-25 Results

The Legends racing season at I-25 came to a close on Saturday night as Kyle Clegg chased Ryan Jones for about eleven laps before finally getting past the rookie. Ryan, who started out the season with some tough luck has driven the car back to some very respectful finishes since the opening of the season. The top five in Saturdays feature had Clegg, Jones, Hondel, Simons-Cooper and Corey Seip as the top five finishers.

Kyle Clegg also took home the trophy dash and David Hondel won the heat race.

Thirteen cars were on hand Saturday night. Sixteen to eighteen cars were expected but they did not show. Dave Richard was back in the #37 car that he drove last season. Good to hear that you were in the seat Dave.  Scotty Scott continues to have electrical problems after thinking it was repaired last week, smoked some wires coming from the alternator last evening.

Terry Sykes from Albuquerque was driving the #33 car last night and from what was reported to me, damaged his car and was going to park the car. The guys from the RMLRA talked him out of parking the car and with a lot of hustle, and parts repaired the car in time to start the feature. RMLRA president John Ulander said that he was very proud of his fellow RMLRA members that helped put the car together and back on the track. Since your reporter was not on hand last night, all of you that helped deserve a big hand. Thats why our organization gets the respect from many drivers who have entered Legend Racing in our area. Great effort from the guys in the pits. This happens more often than a many people know about.

I would also like to thank Greg Witherwax who took over the Raceceiver last night during my absence. Also a big thanks to Mini Hough who helped John Ulander in the Pits last night.

This Saturday evening September the Legends return to CNS for the next to last race of the 2012 season

Feature Race Results
1. Kyle Clegg #66
2. Ryan Jones #21
3. David Hondel #47
4. Chris Simons-Cooper #34
5. Corey Seip #7
6. Dustin Tillbury #17NM
7. Josh Richard #36
8. Zach Witherwax #46
9. Brandon Moore #77
10. Adam Pechman #25
11. Terry Sykes #33NM
12. Dave Richard #37
13. Scotty Scott #6

Trophy Dash
1. Clegg
2. Jones
3. Tillbury
4. Simons-Cooper
5. Scott
6. Pechman

Heat Race
1. Hondel
2. Witherwax
3. Josh Richard
4. Moore
5. Seip
6. Dave Richard
7. Sykes