I25 Speedway Results - 19-MAY-2012

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Kyle Clegg wins at I-25
Kyle Clegg raced his way to the front early in the feature starting in the third row outside. Scotty Scott led early, with Joshua Jackson Danny Medina and Kyle Ray in chase. Medina and Clegg battled the whole race but Clegg seemed to handle a little
better and held Medina off to take the victory. The race for first place was very exciting as both drivers got down inside of each other for several laps.

Very sorry for the late release and official results on Saturday at I-25 Speedway. With the rain falling in the Denver metro area Saturday morning, nineteen drivers headed for Pueblo where the weather forecast looked much better, Upon arriving with sunny skies the weather improved as the day went along. We did have some strong winds most of the day but rain stayed away until very late in the program, but it stopped after a brief attempt to rain right before the feature. Thanks to all the drivers who were prompt for staging their cars without the speaker system working in the Pits.

This Sunday night we will be back at Colorado National Speedway. We had a couple of cars that were dinged up during the feature and looking forward to seeing them repaired and back on the track.

Danny and Richard Medina have been working hard on the set up of Dannyʼs #15 car. As most of you know Dannyʼs car was totaled at Las Vegas last year at the Asphalt Nationals. It is my understanding that a new car is almost ready to appear on the track very soon. The car that Danny is racing is Anthonyʼs #27. This car is about one race away from returning to the winners circle. In talking with Anthony this spring he is still walking with the help of a cane and is not able to return to work yet. This former RMLRA champion hopes to be able to return in 2013. Get well Anthony we miss you.

#23 car for sale
Mike Morris #23 of Colorado Springs is going to set out this year and concentrate on his business. His car is listed for sale on the RMLRA web page. The car has been on the track two times since he bought it last summer.

Seventeen cars started the feature. A thanks to the three drivers that were on hand to race from Albuquerque, New Mexico. #17 Dustin Tilbury, #37N Joshua Jackson and #63 Justin Webber. Jim Stevens #88 and Cody Caster #12 made the trip, but Stevens had engine problems and never took to the track. Cody Castor was on hand but had to leave upon becoming ill while traveling to the track Saturday morning. Thanks to everyone who made the trip to race. Dave Hondel #47 also made the long drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

I-25 Track Record

Kyle Clegg set a new track record for Legends with a time of 13:901. Kyle Ray 14:016 and Danny Medina 14:025 were the top three cars in qualifying. The track procedure for qualifying is now a five lap affair now compared to a two lap attempt in previous years.

The track was clean and cool and a new record was set.
The Trophy Dash was won by Scotty Scott with Chris Simons Cooper second. Two ten lap heat races were held with Justin Webber winning the the first one ahead of Garrett Richard and in the second heat race, Brandon Moore beat David Hondel to the finish line.

25 Lap Feature Results
1. Kyle Clegg
2. Danny Medina
3. Kyle Ray
4. Joshua Jackson
5. Corey Seip
6. Garrett Richard
7. Bill Seip
8. Dave Hondel
9. Dustin Tilbury
10. Zachary Witherwax
11. Ryan Jones
12. Scotty Scott
13. Adam Pechman-2 DNF
14. Chris Cooper-4 DNF
15. Josh Richard-6 DNF
16. Brandon Moore-23 DNF
17. Justin Webber-23 DNF

Trophy Dash

1. Scotty Scott
2. Chris Cooper
3. Kyle Ray
4. Joshua Jackson
5. Kyle Clegg
6. Danny Medina

Heat Race #1

1. Justin Webber
2. Garrett Richard
3. Corey Seip
4. Bill Seip
5. Ryan Jones
6. Zachary Witherwax

Heat Race #2

1. Brandon Moore
2. Dave Hondel
3. Dustin Tilbury
4. Josh Richard
5. Adam Pechman