July 4th Weekend Results

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Clegg wins National qualifier at CNS, Stewart at BCS

Friday July 3 at Colorado National Speedway showed the biggest turnout for Legend cars this season with a total of thirty one cars. An early accident during hot lap practice with the #30 of young DJ Stewart sidelined the car for the evening when he made contact with the fourth turn wall. DL Stewart then turned his #03 into the #30 and allowed the youngster to race. DJ is second in the RMLRA points.

National Qualifier

Kyle Clegg, Ryan Jones, Scotty Scott and Travis Roe were the class winners and should receive guaranteed starting positions at the Asphalt Nationals in South Carolina should they accept them.

The racing Friday evening had two heat races or dashes that went ten laps with no caution flags. Adam Pechman won the trophy dash and Danny Medina won the fast dash.

In the feature several caution flags flew as cars spinning out slowed the feature race at times.  All in all it was a very good feature race with the cars up front providing a very exciting close feature race.

Kyle Clegg took the checkered flag with Danny Medina a close second. Finishing third was Chris Eggleston. Mike Gallegos and Scotty Scott were fourth and fifth.

#34 Chris Cooper was home from school in Tucson, AZ to make his season debut and ran very well. It was the first time he had been in the car since last season. He heads back to school and does not plan to race anymore this season. Chris Eggleston also had his Legend on the track for the first time this season. Mike Gallegos and Jessica Savage back also after missing several weeks.

After watching the races Friday evening the dirt on the track after the Motor Cycles it caused some minor problems with Legend car handling. The sweepers should have made a couple of passes to clean it up. Maybe run them after the feature races.

Darrell J. Stewart wins 25 Lap National Qualifying race At Big Country Speedway

It was a small field of cars entered in the race Saturday evening. Only thirteen cars made the trip to race on this tight race track. Darrell racing his dads car after damaging the car on Friday evening. Earlier this season I heard Darrell Sr. talking that they might be making the trip to South Carolina to race the Asphalt Nationals. Scotty Scott ran a strong second despite handling problems. Adam Pechman finished third and Larry Pachello who started on the pole ran his best feature and finished fourth after leading for about eight laps. Corey Seip, the only pro driver to race finished fifth.

National Qualifier class winners

Darrell J Stewart was the S-P class winner, Scotty Scott Masters division, Larry Pachello should get the bid as Scotty Scott qualified Friday evening. Corey Seip was the Pro class winner and Travis Roe was the only Young Lion racing last evening.

Twelve cars did start the feature as Randy Haynes was unable to repair his car which was damaged in the heat race prior to intermission. With a field of thirty-one cars at CNS friday evening, only thirteen cars traveled to Cheyenne. What wrong with cars not wanting to travel to the small tracks?

Kenny Adkins son of Chappy made his Legends debut last night and drove very well. Chappy may have trouble getting his car back or they may have to get the other car ready to race.

Darrell J. Stewart was the top qualifier with a time of 14.364 It was a very hot day and cars struggled with handling problems all day long.

The trophy dash was won by Adam Pechman. He also won a heat race. Larry Pachello also won a heat race.

Don Bedore wins @ Big Country Speedway

Don Bedore took home the the big pay off Saturday with his car in the pits. He had been working on his engine trying to fix the engine miss when Amber from Big Country Speedway approached him and asked if he checked his tickets. He said that he had been working on his car and had not looked. Upon checking his pockets he had the winning ticket of the 50/50 raffle which netted him well over three hundred fifty dollars. It was a happy trip back to Denver.

Racing next weekend @ I-25

Racing next weekend at I-25 in Pueblo and the following week at Gering, NE on Friday evening and back at Big Country on Saturday. Check the schedule, we need your cars at these tracks.

CNS Main 25 Laps
1. #66 Kyle Clegg
2. #15 Danny Medina (Quick Time 18.778) Qualifying
3. #22 Chris Eggleston
4. #06 Mike Gallegos
5. #6 Scotty Scott
6. #21 Ryan Jones
7. #34 Chris Cooper
8. #1 Jereme Wall
9. #7 Corey Seip
10. #30 DJ Stewart
11. #25 Adam Pechman
12. #3 Wayne Barlock
13. #46 Zachary Witherwax
14. #23 Austyn Radosta (R)
15. #14 Chappy Adkins
16. #98 Eric Hipkins
17. #19 Larry Pachello
18. #97 Bill Blevins
19. #53 Luke Johnson (R)
20. #26 Christopher Brunker
21. #17 BreAnn Adkison -1
22. #11 Jessica Savage -1
23. #5 Randy Haynes -1 (R)
24. #61 Sidney Ross -1
25. #16 Travis Roe -1 (R)
26. #09 Terry McBride-1
27. #77 Josiah King -1 (R)
28. #28 Donald Brunker -4 (R)
29. #20 Kynzer Riddell -10
30. #83 Don Bedore -24
31. #03 Darrell L. Stewart DNS

Legend Dash (Trophy Dash)
1. Pechman
2. Adkins
3. Hipkins
4. Pachello
5. Haynes (R)
6. Adkison
7. Roe (R)
8. Bedore
9. Johnson (R)
10. C. Brunker
11. McBride
12. Ross
13. Savage
14. King (R)
15. D Brunker (R)

Legend Fast Dash
1. Medina
2. Clegg
3. Eggleston
4. Gallegos
5. Jones
6. Scott
7. Seip
8. D J Stewart
9. Barlock
10. Wall
11. Witherwax
12. Radosta
13. Riddell
14. Blevins
15. C Cooper DNF

Big Country Legends Main 25 Laps
1. Darrell J. Stewart
2. Scotty Scott
3. Adam Pechman
4. Larry Pachello
5. Corey Seip
6. Zach Witherwax
7. Austyn Radosta
8. Travis Roe
9. Luke Johnson
10. BreAnn Adkison-1
11. Don Bedore-1
12. Kenny Adkins-1
13. Randy Haynes DNS

Trophy Dash
1. Pechman
2. Scott
3. Stewart
4. Seip
5. Haynes
6. Radosta

1st Heat Race
1. Pachello
2. Adkison
3. Roe
4. Witherwax DNF
5. Johnson DNF
6. Adkins DNF

2nd Heat Race
1. Pechman
2. Scott
3. Stewart
4. Seip
5. Radosta DNF
6. Haynes DNF