Liberty Weekend Classic Results - 2011

posted Jul 4, 2011, 10:25 PM by Admin RMLRA

 After a two day weekend of racing I would like to first of all, say a Happy July 4th to all of you.

 Saturday nights racing at I-25 Speedway produced at least three National qualifiers for the Asphalt Nationals in October at Las Vegas. Pro, Danny Medina will make the trip and try to win his first National title. Danny has raced there many times and has won several feature races on that track. Masters Division had Mike Morris driving a strong race and winning the Masters portion of the race on Saturday and has indicated that he will be there to race his number twenty-three car. In the Semi-Pro division of the race, Pete Dellarco was the top driver in his class, and won the right to go to Las Vegas to experience the Asphalt Nationals and try to bring back a championship trophy. Cole MacEwen was the top qualifier in the Young Lions division but we do not know at this time if he qualified because of only two cars entered in the division on Saturday night.

 The attempt to hold a Liberty Classic did not attract any out of state cars, and our car count was not up where we thought it would be. I have heard that US Legends will be making a change for National qualifiers next season. The RMLRA will have to take a good look at their proposal before trying to set something up. Personally I liked the three day races in Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. The short overnight trips made it interesting over the Labor Day weekend and it was a lot cooler, temprature wise. The July 4th weekend has to much going on to draw cars from out of our area.

 Sunday nights race at Colorado National had a total of twenty-three cars start the feature race. Qualifying for the Asphalt Nationals, from Colorado National Speedway were Pro, Chris Eggleston, Masters, L. Scotty Scott, Semi-Pro Eric Stedman, and Young Lions class winner was Chris Simons-Cooper. After INEX receives the information on these winners, they will be notified. Non qualified drivers may enter the race and go through the extra qualifying races to land a spot in the National championship race.

 Racing Sunday night in the feature race had Danny Medina taking the lead on a restart of the race with several laps to go. CNS track officials made the call that Medina jumped the restart and was penalized two positions at the end of the race, placing him in third position in the final results. Chris Eggleston was declared the winner of the race. Kyle Ray who led so many laps saw his chances go away when a caution flag came out late in the race and caused a restart that Kyle Ray could not get the lead back and finished second in the unofficial standings. Medina had just taken over the lead one lap earlier when the caution flag came out. RMLRA drivers all received fifty points for starting each feature race this weekend.

 Just a thought but all night long in the races at CNS we asked that you stay up with the pace car. I suggested about thirty feet but that may be to close. Drivers on the pole please keep your car in good position while leading your race to the green flag. Also make sure your Receiver is working.

 Jon Kast #4 and Brian Bohannon #57 made their first starts last night at CNS. Brian raced at I-25 on Saturday night and had his car running very well for his first Legend race. He finished tenth in the feature. Brian has road racing experience and some other full bodied race cars as his experience. I do not have much to report about Jon Kast but I will get some information from him before our next Newsletter comes out after our next race. He is driving the number #18 car that was bought from Kyle McCartney earlier this summer. The number was changed to #4. Jon is presently going through a lot of minor problems getting his racing program started.

 Has somebody borrowed the wheel base gage from the Seip Racing team? Jim says that is was loaned out to somebody and it never was returned. Please contact Seip Racing if you have the equipment.


Colorado National Feature results July 3, 2011 (unofficial)

1.   #22 Eggleston  (P)

2.   #58 Ray

3.   #15 Medina

4.   #66 Clegg

5.   #06 Gallegos

6.   #6   Scott  (M)

7.   #34 Simons-Cooper (YL)

8.   #71  Coughlin

9.   #1   Stedman  (SP)

10.          #7  C. Seip

11.          #44 Kurtz

12.          #07 B. Seip

13.          #85 MacEwen

14.          #47 Hondel

15.  #84 Webber

16.  # 25 Pechman

17.  #88 Stevens

18.  #8 Krizman

19.  #37 Richard

20.  #13 Dellarco

21.  #4  Kast

22.  #78 Duncan

23.  #57 Bohannon


#77 Brandon Moore blew engine in practice and did not race at CNS.


Heat races were won by Pete Dellarco and Danny Medina.

Heat #1

1.  Dellarco

2.  Gallegos

3.  Ray

4.  Clegg

5.  Krizman

6.  C. Seip

7.  Hondel

8.  Duncan

9.  Kurtz

10.         Richard

11.         Webber

12.          Kast (DNS)


Heat #2

1.  Medina

2.  Eggleston

3.  Scott

4.  Simons-Cooper

5.  Coughlin

6.  Stedman

7.  B. Seip

8.  Stevens

9.  MacEwen

10.          Bohannon

11.         Pechman

12.          Kast