May 1st BCS Race Information

posted Apr 27, 2010, 11:52 AM by Admin RMLRA

RMLRA Newsletter April 27, 2010

The second week of the 2010 season was a wash out as everyone knows. This weekend the RMLRA will travel to Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne, WY. If I can give you any advice! Bring several coats as it can get mighty cold if the winds pick up at this time of the year.  There is no need to get to the track real early, as the Pit Gate does not open until 12:00 PM. Hot laps and qualifying will start around 1:00 PM. After parking the trailer, and when the Pit Office is opened, you must go and sign in, and get your transponder. Be prepared to fill out paper work and be sure to list your sponsors. Not a lot of information to pass along this week as we have been sitting for the past couple of weeks watching it rain and snow. Last season we had five of the first seven races cancelled because of the weather. Let’s hope we do not have that problem this season.

Most of you are probably awaiting the delivery of tires to Leary Racing. We sure will break the news to everyone when we get the information that they have arrived in Denver. A message was sent out last week on the restrictions of tire use until the new Federal tires arrive. If by chance you did not receive this notice, please contact me.  If you have the time, go to the Yahoo Legendscars  web page and read about the Federal tire that is being used on the East Coast right now. There might be some information that you might be able to use when the tires do arrive here in Denver. I have read where it might take 35-50 laps to break in a set of tires.

When you have the chance you can go to the uslegends home page and see the results of the race at Colorado National Speedway. If you raced and do not see your name and points, your application for the 2010 drivers license may not have been processed as of yet. I believe that everyone knows that you must have an INEX license to race.

Hopefully the weather will give us a break this weekend to get out and have some fun.

See you in the Pits.