May 22-24 Memorial Day Weekend

posted May 21, 2015, 3:17 PM by Admin RMLRA

Three Day Racing Weekend is here. May 22-24 Memorial Day Weekend

Friday @ Gering a rain out

The three days of racing never had a chance this week with all the rain and snow through out our racing area. Tuesday afternoon we were notified that Hwy 92 in Gering would not be able to open with the rain and snow that was falling in Nebraska. Since this was a National qualifier it will try to be rescheduled.

We plan to race on Saturday and Sunday at Big Country Speedway and Colorado National if the weather permits. We will keep you informed. Fuel options for Big Country Speedway are Gering, HWY 92 racing fuel, MS98 and CNS racing fuel. This may be run at Big Country Speedway only. If you have any problems with this please call Jeremiah Witherwax @ 303-875-7520. Also do not mix the fuel as it will not pass the test. Make
sure to drain your fuel tank before adding another type of fuel.

RMLRA Drivers Web Pages:<here>
If you have not looked at the web page lately you will notice that Scotty has changed it around and he is featuring drivers photographs. If you see that your number is missing your photograph, check with him at the track this weekend so you can be included.

Don’t forget your sponsors so they will show. Click on a car number and scan down. It will give you an idea of what you can do for your car. Get ahold of Scotty and plan your site with information. This is free advertising and make sure your sponsor is included.