Motorsports Media-RMLRA weekend results 6/9/13

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Stewart wins at Hwy 92 and Jones victorious at Big Country!

After two days of racing this weekend drivers returned home Saturday evening. Friday night at Hwy 92. fifteen cars were on hand to race on the quarter mile track. The #34 car of Chris Cooper had mechanical problems with his clutch and the proper parts could not be obtained and the car was not able to race. The cars of Sidney Ross and Chappy Adkins suffered damage in the heat race and could not be repaired to race the rest of the weekend.

In reporting that fifteen cars were on hand we actually had sixteen cars. The #90 car of Steve Newtons was on hand but the driver was not there. While driving to Cheyenne Saturday morning we received a phone call from Track Manager Sandy Thompson that information had been received that Steve Newton had suffered a fatal heart attack on Saturday afternoon while prepairing to get ready to race on Friday. Steve had raced with the RMLRA since 2005. Steve was the first car owner to purchase a car in the Gering area. As a railroad engineer he basically raced only at Hwy 92. Steve did race twice earlier this season at Hwy 92 and at Big Country Speedway over the Memorial Day three day weekend of racing for the National qualifier races fir the Asphalt Nationals. I will try to follow up on this as the information has not been released by the Scottsbluff newspaper as of Sunday morning.

Racing with us from California was Lonnie Tamboury. Lonnie had just finished playing golf down the road in Kimball, Nebraska. While loading his golf cart in his trailer, he was notified by a worker at the golf course that the Legends were racing at Gering that evening. Lonnie made the trip to Gering and joined us for the weekend. Lonnie whose Legend was recently bought was used for a dirt race and had to be set up for asphalt. On Saturday after a lot of work by Lonnie, Tim Cooper and Bill Ross, Lonnie was able to race the car at Big Country Speedway. He also passed on, the great time that he had with the RMLRA this weekend and was going to try to return to race with us later this season.

Darrell Stewart wins 25 lap feature @ Hwy 92

On Friday night Darrell Stewart took home the trophy as he won the twenty-five lap feature. Darrell who had been running a close second behind race leader Scotty Scott who had the misfortune of developing a right front flat tire. Scotty slowed down and Darrell went on to win the race. Scotty did win the trophy dash. Earlier in the evening a heavy rainstorm prevented cars from qualifying and cars positions were selected by a pill draw.

Many of us met at the Steak House after the race to celebrate the birthday of Bill Seip. Twenty-five people attended this gathering to celebrate this event. Thanks to John Ulander for coordinating this event.
Ryan Jones wins at Big Country Ryan Jones finished fifth at Hwy 92 with a damaged front end and after work on his car early Saturday morning he chased down early leader Jereme Wall to win the thirty lap feature Saturday evening. Sixteen cars were on hand and timed in. Darrell Stewart won the Trophy Dash and Zach Witherwax won the heat race. Both races were ten laps.

A special thanks to the racing organization that keeps Big Country Speedway open for stock car racing.


The Motorsports Media-RMLRA racing schedule for the next two weeks have us racing at Colorado National
Speedway. See you at the track.

Feature Results @ Hwy 92
1. Stewart
2. Richard
3. C. Seip
4. Wall (R)
5. Jones
6. B. Seip
7. Collins
8. Witherwax
9. Pechman
10. Tamboury (California)
11. Scott
12. Adkison (R)
13. Adkins
DNS #34 Chris Cooper
DNS #61 Sidney Ross (R)

Feature results @ Big Country
1. Jones
2. Scott
3. Wall (R)
4. C. Seip
5. Stewart
6. B. Tilton
7. AJ Canada
8. Witherwax
9. B. Seip
10. Richard
11. Pechman
12. G. Tilton
13. Lonnie Tamboury (CA.)
14. Blevins
15. Adkison (R)
DNS #34 Cooper

Trophy Dash
1. Stewart
2. Scott
3. C. Seip ( top qualifier 14.167 )
4. Jones
5. Wall
6. B. Tilton
7. Canada
8. B. Seip

Heat Race
1. Witherwax
2. Richard
3. G. Tilton
4. Tamboury
5. Adkison
6. Pechman
7. Blevins