National Qualifiers - 5/23/2013

posted May 23, 2013, 11:42 AM by Admin RMLRA

Three Day Weekend Of Racing Is Here

RMLRA drivers, the three day weekend is here and if your race car is ready to race you will enjoy these three racing dates all at differant tracks and sizes. This is the racing highlight of the year. Try to be there. Your reporter has attended all of these three day events since we started them. The races are always set up as National qualifiers, and we used to have many cars travel long distances to race in this three day show. Apparently the novelty has worn off, as race teams are not traveling from out of state to
these races as in years before.

As I have mentioned before the smaller tracks are where the drivers become experienced in close racing and learning how a race car performs in the tight turns. It would be nice to see a good field of cars at Gering and Cheyenne racing on the exciting small tight tracks.

Looking for a ride to Gering
I personally am looking for a ride up to Gering on Friday. If you are planning on staying overnight on Friday and heading back to the Denver area Saturday night after the races, I would like to hear from you. Thanks in advance.