National Qualifiers - Race Results - 5/26/2013

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Three Day Racing Weekend Over-Smiles and Frowns

It was a long weekend of racing and to all of you who raced all three nights, thank you for all the excitement that you provided while racing and enjoying what you like to do. Not everybody took home a first place in their division but, if you survived the races and rolled your car on the trailer Sunday evening after the feature at Colorado National Speedway you were a winner and my hat is off to all of you.

Highway 92 Raceway Park

It is always a great time to go to Gering and Scottsbluff Nebraska. Not only the good people that you meet, but the racing is always exciting on the smaller track. This quarter mile facility is just a lot of fun to be at. Twenty-one cars were on hand with three out of area cars present. Jason Irwin, New Mexico, Clayon Weatherman, Missouri and Ethan McMillan racing out of Louisiana. Racing for the first time this season were #90 Steve Newton of Scottsbluff and Kevin Collins of Gering Nebraska. Both drivers have been waiting for us to make the trip up there so they could race with us. Steve has had a car for many years and usually just races at Highway 92 with the RMLRA. Kevin raced a race last season and went out and bought a car and plans to run Gering and Cheyennes and possibly more. Both cars were sporting great looking paint jobs and could be contenders for best looking cars of the year come banquet time. Both cars joined us at Big Country Speedway on Saturday night. The trophy dash was won by Wayne Barlock with heat races won by Clayton Weatherman
and Chris Eggleston. The twenty-five feature at Highway 92 went green, white and checker. The results of this race will be released soon. The winner was Jason Irwin.

After the race was over many of us went out to eat at the Steak House. Although due to close at eleven oʼclock we called on the way over and they said that they would stay open for us. Sixteen people set at one table and had a great time. We told them we would be back in two weeks when we race again in Gering. Plan to be their if you go. It is really one of the
good times we have as we sit around the table. A lot of good stories were told.

Big Country Speedway Results

Twenty-four cars were on hand Saturday evening at Big Country Speedway. Thanks to the group from Big Country for helping us race our three day classic. Jason Irwin racing out of Albuquerque, New Mexico won his second straight feature on back to back nights. A great battle from the early going with Kyle Ray kept the feature winner in doubt for many laps.  The two racers made contact late in the thirty-five lap feature and Ray was sent to the back. Irwin went on to win with Clayton Weatherman racing out of Missouri finishing second. Ryan Jones of the RMLRA racing with a borrowed motor came home in third place. Kyle Ray raced his way back after the penalty for a fourth place finish. Jereme Wall making his first start away from CNS drove his number one car to a fifth place finish. Again the major complaint on the feature was the time it took to run it. As I saw it, to many drivers trying to win on the first lap of a thirty-five lap race.

Colorado National Speedway

The third night of the tour brought the RMLRA back to CNS with twenty-nine cars in the pits ready to go racing. Kyle Clegg started off the evening with the quick time in qualifying. Cole MacEwan won the trophy dash and Danny Medina won the Legends fast dash.

Kyle Clegg started the feature and had a bolt break on the suspension in the rear of the car going into turn three on the first lap and really damaged his car and was out of the race. After several restarts the race was finished with Danny Medina winning his third straight feature. Medina was chased to the finish line by Chris Eggleston, Mike Gallegos, Chris Cooper and Jason Irwin. It was another good feature race and I am sure the fans thought so to. Thanks to all who traveled this weekend. Thanks also go to the Tech officials and all of you who helped in the pits. There are no races scheduled for next weekend so enjoy the weekend off. The schedule does have us back on the road again to Gering, June 7. The Super 8 Motel has set aside ten rooms for us, so get your reservation in quickly.

Results Big Country Feature 35 Laps
1. 9i Jason Irwin
2. 18 Clayton Weatherman
3. 21 Ryan Jones
4. 58 Kyle Ray
5. 1 Jereme Wall
6. 7 Corey Seip
7. 34 Chris Cooper
8. 13 Pete Dellarco
9. 03 Darrell Stewart
10. 6X Ethan McMillan
11. 6 Scotty Scott
12. 4 Brad Tilton
13. 07 Bill Seip
14. 46 Zach Witherwax
15. 37 Josh Richard
16. 25 Adam Pechman
17. 9 Glenn Tilton
18. 14 Chappy Adkins
19. 17 BreAnn Adkins
20. 61 Sidney Ross
21. 90 Steve Newton
22. 29 Kevin Collins
23. 3 Wayne Barlock
24. 51 AJ Canada

Results Colorado National Speedway
1. Medina (18.591) margin of victory 0.547
2. Eggleston
3. Gallegos
4. Cooper
5. Irwin
6. Weatherman
7. Dellarco
8. Scott
9. Wall (R)
10. Jones
11. Stewart
12. Witherwax
13. B. Seip
14. Riddell (R)
15. McMillan
16. Richard
17. Pachello
18. Adkins
19. Savage
20. McBride (R)
21. Brunker
22. Mein (R)
23. Ray
24. MacEwen
25. Pechman
26. Webber
27. Clegg (top qualifier 18.719)
28. Foster (R)
29. Adkison (R)

10 Lap Trophy Dash
1. MacEwen
2. Richard
3. Webber
4. Bill Seip
5. Witherwax
6. Foster
7. McMillan
8. Riddell
9. Pachello
10. Adkins
11. Savage
12. McBride
13. Adkison
14. Brunker
15. Mein

10 Lap Fast Dash
1. Medina
2. Ray
3. Gallegos
4. Eggleston
5. Irwin
6. Weatherman
7. Dellarco
8. Cooper
9. Jones
10. Wall
11. Scott
12. Stewart
13. Pechman
14. Clegg