Newsletter - 2/12/2011

posted Feb 15, 2011, 12:38 PM by Admin RMLRA


Your reporter has tried to make a change in the Newsletter over the past month and I have been getting feed back from a few of you that the information is not getting through. The three newsletters that I am referring to have had pictures of three different drivers on them with other articles and news of the RMLRA. If you are on this mailing list and have not received them please send me an email and I will try to clear up my problem. You can email me at

The latest information I have to pass along is the RMLRA Board Members will try to meet this coming Tuesday evening and get things organized for the upcoming season. The officers were to have met the past two Tuesday evenings but bad weather caused the meetings to be postponed. The weather looks good for this weeks meeting.

A tentative scheduled meeting for the general membership and to anybody that is interested in Legend racing will be held March 5, 2011, at Leary Racing Products in Denver.

Scotty would like to post some pictures on the web page if you can forward them along to him. Go to and click on contact us. Send pictures to L. Scotty Scott.

Information gathered during the survey of drivers indicated that many more drivers would like to try to race at smaller tracks this season. We only have three races scheduled for I-25 this season, but could possibly raise that number if interest continues to build. We might have some information to release on the schedule after this weeks Board Member meeting.

Thanks to all of you who responded to the message from #10 Reuben Barela, in Pueblo. I had a call from one of our drivers from the area and it sounds like he may be able to get his car on the track this season.

There are several cars for sale on our RMLRA web site. Please refer anybody you hear that is interested to our classified section. While we do not like to loose cars that are being sold, it helps if they stay in the RMLRA area.