PPIR & I-25 Races - 6/19/2010

posted Jun 21, 2010, 12:57 PM by Admin RMLRA

RMLRA Newsletter June 21, 2010

Legends action returned to the track Friday night at Pikes Peak International Speedway. Larry and Scott Griffith #28 who work at the PPIR hosted the races Friday night, with Legends, Bandoleros, Hornets and the four cylinder light trucks showing up to try the quarter mile speedway for the first time. I understand that there was a good crowd on hand in the pits last night, and stands will be assembled very soon. PPIR also plans to possibly have a good schedule of racing in the 2011 season. A lot of good information coming out of PPIR, concerning the plans to hold races at their speedway.

After talking to Phil Peconi who raced on Friday night, he told me that everyone had a good time racing on the smooth track surface. He also said that the track was fast and a lot of fun to race on. Seven cars were on hand, and all I can tell you is Danny Medina won the heat race and had trouble in the feature allowing Kyle Clegg to win the feature driving the # 28 car of Scott Griffith. Wayne Barlock finished second. I could not make the trip this weekend to the races and I am relying on people passing along the information to me.

P.P.I.R.  Feature race. (unofficial) No RMLRA points at this race.

1.       Kyle Clegg

2.       Wayne Barlock

3.       AJ Canada

4.       Phil Peconi

5.       Mike Webber

6.       Mike Hipkins

7.       Danny Medina  DNF

Seven cars were on hand last night, and it was reported that everyone had a good time racing on the track. There are two more races on the oval scheduled later this season and hopefully we can build the car count. A couple of road races will also be held, later in the fall.

On Saturday evening the RMLRA was at I-25 for a scheduled race.  Nine cars were on hand.

I-25 Feature Race (unofficial)

1.       Kyle Clegg

2.       Corey Seip

3.       Derek Kopp

4.       Wayne Barlock

5.       Brittany Duncan

6.       Bill Seip

7.       Danny Medina  DNF

8.       AJ Canada

9.       Eric Stedman

Trophy Dash

1.       Danny Medina   QT  140168

2.       Kyle Clegg

3.       Wayne Barlock          

4.       Corey Seip

Heat Race

1.       Brittany Duncan

2.       AJ Canada

3.       Derek Kopp

4.       Bill Seip

5.       Eric Stedman

Congratulations to Kyle Clegg who did win both features this weekend. And to all of you who were at the tracks racing your Legend.

I have just received news this morning that the number seventy three car of Zach Powell has been sold to Brian Moore of Colorado Springs. His son Brandon will drive the car, and Zach passed along that he has Karting experience. Perhaps some of you may know the family.

See you in the pits this Saturday at Colorado National Speedway.