Race Central Media-RMLRA News - 6/23/2013

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Medina wins 40 lap feature at CNS, Cooper makes it clase for second place.

Danny Medina took the lead early in the race and had to hold off Chris Cooper at the end of the race. Chris stuck the nose of his #34 very close to the left rear fender but could not get that extra three to four feet needed to move Medina up the track, to gain the position. Medina has won four of the first five races at CNS this season. Kyle Ray had his #58 in a good position in the early going chasing Medina, but developed electrical problems and came to a stop in turn four which brought out the caution flag with about twenty-two laps remaining in the race. The race was the first forty lap feature raced at CNS for many years. The race was run under the thirty minute time limit set up for most feature races. I believe the Race Central Media Legends made a point before the large crown in the stands at CNS. As I left the tower to get a ride back to the pits many fans were leaving the track. Maybe they came to see the show that we put on and hopefully they liked it.

Earlier in the evening, Kyle Ray was the top qualifier of the twenty-six Legends that were on hand. Thanks to all of you who raced tonight. It was a special show for a great bunch of drivers.

Race Central Media-RMLRA Points

After last nights racing Chris Cooper leads the points race over Darrell Scott by thirty-six points. Darrell was involved in the accident at the start of the race as the green flag was thrown to start the race. Darrell was able to continue on the restart of the race and finished ninth. Rookie Jereme Wall was also involved in the accident. Apparently someome missed a shift. Wall later had to withdrawl from the race after seventeen laps. Jereme leads as the top Rookie of the Year contender after nine races. In the race for the Colorado National Points championship, Danny Medina should move into the lead after last nights feature win. Both points races can be viewed on the RMLR web page and the CNS web page will have the points updated possibly later on Sunday.

Next weeks races at I-25 in Pueblo.

Next week we will be racing at I-25 in Pueblo and I hope to see you there.

Quick time qualifying: Kyle Ray 18.589
Trophy Dash: Adam Pechman
Legends Fast Dash: Danny Medina

Trophy Dash
1. Adam Pechman
2. Cole MacEwen
3. Mike Webber
4. Bill Seip
5. Christopher Brunker
6. Kynzer Riddell (R)
7. Tim Mein (R)
8. Billy Blevins
9. Larry Pachello
10. Terry McBride (R)
11. BreAnn Adkison (R)
12. Cody Castor
13. Jessica Savage-2

Legends Fast Dash
1. Danny Medina
2. Kyle Ray
3. Chris Eggleston
4. Chris Cooper
5. Mike Gallegos
6. Kyle Clegg
7. Scotty Scott
8. Wayne Barlock Jr.
9. Jereme Wall
10. Ryan Jones
11. Darrell Stewart
12. Josh Richard
13. Zach Witherwax

Feature results 40 Laps
1. Medina
2. Cooper
3. Gallegos
4. Clegg
5. Barlock
6. Scott
7. Eggleston
8. Jones
9. Stewart
10. Richard
11. Pechman
12. Webber
13. Witherwax
14. B. Seip
15. Riddell (R)-1
16. Blevins-1
17. Brunker-1
18. Pachello1
19. Mein (R)-1
20. McBride (R)-1
21. Savage-2
22. Adkison (R)-3
23. MacEwen-4
24. Castor-4
25. Ray-18
26. Wall-23