RMLRA - CNS 40 Lap Feature - 6/16/2014

posted Jun 19, 2014, 1:47 PM by Admin RMLRA

40 Lap Feature scheduled for Saturday June 21

Just a heads up for Saturday evening. There is a forty lap feature scheduled for the Legends and just a few things to think about if you think you might be close on your weight after the feature. I am not real sure on the weight per gallon but eight pounds for a gallon of fuel might be close. If you are real close on total weight after the race you might want to consider adding some extra weight. This could be a DQ item. Another item you might consider is your tire wear. If your tires are marginal at the start of the race they could be illegal by the end of the feature.

Jacob will be in the tower on the Raceceiver this week. Be sure to ask him any questions during practice in the afternoon.