RMLRA Annual Meeting - 1/24/2014

posted Jan 24, 2014, 7:29 PM by Admin RMLRA

Rocky Mountain Legends Meeting Reminder

Meeting Date; February 1, 2014
Location; Leary Racing Products (Colorado Legends Dealer)
1990 Navajo St.
Denver, CO. 80223
Phone # 303-922-4227
Time; 10:00 AM, Try to be prompt for those that are traveling later that day.

Legends drivers, owners and interestd drivers are urged to attend the RMLRA meeting on this date. For those of you who are new to the Rocky Mountain Legends we hope to see you at this meeting. For those of you attending please be sure to sign in when arriving. RMLRA memberships can be purchased at this time. Be sure to join and help support the club. If by chance you are receiving this Newsletter and are no longer going to race, I would appreciate a reply back to that effect.

We have several new drivers joining us this season and I hope to introduce you to all of them then.

Much information about the 2014 racing season will be released at this meeting. I can tell you that the schedule will be handed out at the meeting. With twenty-two races scheduled for the season the possibility of an extra race at the end of the season is a possibility. The success of the RMLRA comes when drivers travel to the races away from CNS. There is nothing like getting together when racing in Gering, Nebraska after the races. The trip to the Steak House when everyone trys to meet and all sit around the tables and discuss the races that were ran earlier in the evening. Try to plan to attend these races by scheduling a few vacation Fridays for these two day weekend trips to Nebraska and Wyoming. A message of interest to anybody new coming in for the racing season is for all cars to have their oil pan drain plugs securely wired while racing at the tracks. The oil that is dropped on the track causes long delays and sometimes leads to a short night. as a driver you must learn to get to the infield quickly if oil is a problem. Make sure your maintenance on oil lines and oil plugs are checked ever so often.

Sealed Engine Information

Information on the sealed engines will be released at the meeting. This information will be for the 1250 sealed engines that have to be be resealed for 2014.

If you are racing this year for the first time I need your name to place on our drivers web page. You will also have to select a number that is not registered by a RMLRA driver. Please contact me at ckar77@comcast.net

2014 INEX Licenses

All drivers must have an 2014 INEX License. It is your responsibility to have sent in your application for your license. I monitor the site and so far we have fourteen drivers registered with their license.