RMLRA Banquet

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Saturday December 5, 2009

Saturday night a crowd announced at seventy one, attended the RMLRA Awards Banquet at the Denver Police Protection Agency in Denver. Thanks to all of you who made the long trip to Denver to attend this event. Also a big thanks to Linda Yeros who made most of the banquet arrangements.  Sponsors of the 2009 RMLRA season were DND Metal of Broomfield, and HO Motorsports of Boulder, and Mike Leary of Leary Racing Products. A big thank you to our sponsors that made the season very successful.

Wayne Barlock Jr. of Eaton, Colorado was presented with the 2009 championship trophy and a check for winning the top award. The number three car was sponsored by SLPeckbusinessconsulting.comand, Mike Webber Diesel Repair and PMS Garage. Wayne drove a very consistent race car all season and was just a few car lengths away from winning a couple more features.

The award for most improved driver went to Josh Bandstra, driver of the number nine car. Racing in only his second season as a legend driver, Josh was consistently in the top ten at most of the races. Missing only one points race he, also took home the third place trophy in the points championship.

Fourth place went to Brittney Duncan, who ran the twenty point races. She was the only female to race with the RMLRA this past season. A very brilliant student at school, a National Honor student, Brittney will enroll at the University of Northern Colorado next fall. Brittney battled with Josh Bandstra all season for the third spot in the standings, but came up a little bit short of that goal as the season came to an end.

Rookie of the year award went to Gary Kopp of Parker, Colorado. Gary who has had experience driving a Formula V at several road race tracks. Gary said that he got into Legend racing because his son Derek was racing and having a lot of success. Gary also mentioned his greatest thrill this past summer was starting along side Derek in several races in the front row and going side by side for several laps. Then they threw the green and he later caught up with him in the pits after the race. Gary also finished fifth in the points race. He also had the task of having two race cars ready to run most nights. His son had his season shortened with several injuries playing Lacrosse and other sports this past summer.

The Sportsmanship award went to Kyle Clegg driver of the number sixty six legend. His pink painted car that featured the name of Sierra Krizman, won the Best looking car for the season. As Phil Peconi and Mike Leary said during the presentation, there were so many cars to choose from on this award. Everyone is proud of their car and you should be. Kyle running a limited schedule last season finished eleventh in the points chase.

The hard luck award that not everyone wants to be a part of went to Scotty Scott of Arvada, driver of the number six legend. He was rumored to have left early and did not get his points check. Scotty finished tenth in the points race.  Cars one through twenty received a check last night for their finish in the point’s standings. Mike Webber finished seventh, A. J. Canada took home the eighth place trophy. Jason Stewart finished in the ninth position missing several races when his engine was being worked on at 600 Racing. His Dad Darrel who finished sixth gave a fine testimony of his racing through the years and talked about the fine opportunity he had while working with his sons during there young racing careers.  The Corey and Bill Seip racing teams won for best looking team with uniforms etc.

Phil Peconi finished second in the points and thanked everyone who helped him this season. Phil, also the president of the RMLRA, welcomed everyone to the banquet and helped along with Mike Leary to emcee the Awards Banquet.

I’m sure that I missed a few items that should have been mentioned. Let me know and I will mention it in my next Newsletter.

I will inform everyone by Newsletter when any information on a meeting becomes available. Enjoy the holiday season which will be here in a couple of weeks.