RMLRA Meeting February 11, 2012

posted Feb 14, 2012, 2:30 PM by Admin RMLRA
The RMLRA kicked off the 2012 season with a membership meeting Saturday morning.

The meeting got under way around 10:15 am with approximately twenty-nine cars represented. Thanks to all of you who made the trip to attend this meeting. I personally thought that weather in the Denver area was not a problem. Most of the heavy snow was up north, near FT. Collins and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Mike Leary handed out the plaques for the trophies that were presented at the Drivers Awards Banquet. He also discussed the wheels and tires for the upcoming season. He mentioned that there were some lightweight rims on the market that are not authorized by 600 Racing. Be careful if you are buying new wheels for this season.

Harold Kraus introduced four new drivers for 2012. Brad Tilton #9, Larry Pachello #19, Ryan Jones #21 and Bill Blevens #87. After the meeting it was learned that Josh and Garrett Richard would be driving the # 36 & #37 cars. Dave Richard, who drove the #37 car last season will see his sons take over the driving in those cars. They bought their second Legend car Saturday afternoon to form their team. To all the new drivers, welcome. I believe we will have two more cars added to this list shortly.  Rick Rusk called me later Saturday afternoon to report his car was sold to another local driver.

Tech officials John Clute, Jr. and Kyle McCartney talked briefly on several items for tech. The main topic was tire wear and when they become illegal due to wear. They promised to have a stict tech after races. For new drivers, their equipment can always be borrowed at the track to check your cars.  

An item to pass along to driver and owners, please make a photo copy or a copy of your INEX title and INEX license and keep it in your trailer or tool box. Please make sure your VIN plate is in place on your car. 

John Ulander was reelected as your president, and Jim Stevens was reelected as vice-president. Kyle McCartney retained the position of Secretary-Treasure. Voted to the Board of Directors, Dan Clegg, John Krizman, Tim Cooper and David Hondel

For those of you who could not attend today we ask that you go to the RMLRA web page and go to the Become a Member section, make a copy and forward the application to Kyle McCartney. 

A need for a set up class was discussed and a decision on that will be made known soon