RMLRA Newletter - 1/2/2017

posted Jan 7, 2017, 4:32 PM by Admin RMLRA


To the readers of this Newsletter, you have the opportunity to attend this Oval Trade Show that includes cars, used car parts and a lot of good conversations with friends from the local racing classes. The local race tracks are usually represented and schedules along with racing information for their track. I don’t usually attend this show mainly because I do not have a car, but if you live nearby or just interested in possibly wanting to look at cars and merchandise this might be the place for you to visit. The Oval Trade Show is located at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont, CO

Maybe you have a Legend that has been sitting in your garage and have not been able to sell it. Why not check with the promoters of this event to see what it would take to take the car up their and try to sell it. Perhaps you know somebody that might be looking for a car. Here is the chance to get involved. Possibly a good place to sell extra parts for a Legend race car. Do remember to use the classified section on our RMLRA web site, it is free.

This Oval Track Trade Show used to be a great place for Legend race cars. I have not attended this show in many years and cannot tell you anything that goes on during the show days. If you are selling be honest with the buyer and if you are buying ask a lot of questions on how long the car has set or how many races on the equipment. Possibly ten years ago we had a Legends display with about four Legend cars all together and a lot of people looked at the cars and asked questions. It would be nice to say that it may have helped Legend Car racing grow in the region. As many of you know we received the news of the passing of Lee Schwartzkopf on December 24. I will remember all his contributions to keep the race track in Gering a popular spot for all local and visiting drivers that raced at Hwy 92 Raceway Park. When we had conversations he always had a big smile on his face and was interested in what was going on in my life.

Larrel “Scotty” Scott will be honored at the Awards Banquet listed below and will receive the Masters championship trophy for his achievements during the 2016 season. To those on his team that will be going with him have a safe flight and a great time while at the banquet. We will be looking forward to many stories that you have to pass along when you get back. Adam Romero was the first RMLRA driver to have his 2017 INEX license processed and will hold the lowest membership number in our area. To those of you who have sent their application in, it is the start of the new year. For all new drivers that will be racing with us this season you do need an INEX license to race when the season officially starts.

2016 Awards Banquet Saturday January 28th, 2017

U.S Legend Cars International and INEX cordially invites you to the 2016 International Awards Banquet
to honor the State, International and National Points Champions of this past season.
Join us Saturday, January 28th, 2017
Location: The Speedway Club at Charlotte Motor Speedway 6:00 pm Cocktails (cash bar)
7:00 pm Welcome, comments, dinner and awards to follow.

Tickets: Adults - $50.00
Children - $20.00 (10 & under)
Evening Attire