RMLRA Newletter - 9/27/2012

posted Sep 30, 2012, 8:24 PM by Admin RMLRA

Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association News

Saturday, September 29 will officially close out the Legends racing season here in Colorado. Two weeks ago we had a very good field of cars racing at Colorado National Speedway. Several cars were damaged and hopefully they have been repaired and ready to race.

The RMLRA championship is on the line with a handful of racers very close in the points race. Corey Seip has a slim lead and needs a good finish to keep the possibility of winning his first RMLRA Championship.

Kyle Clegg will take an eight point lead into Saturday nights races. Double points will be awarded for the CNS championship. Joe Star has mentioned that he would like to have a few photographs taken of the cars in contention for the CNS championship. He would like to take these on the track before hot lap practice starts. He would like to be done by 1:30 PM. Please contact Joe in the Pits after you have arrived to set up these photos.

The last Newsletter had several mistakes in it and I apologize for all those errors. Have you bought your 2012 RMLRA T shirt? Please contact a board member to purchase these shirts.

At this time I am looking for information on who took home awards at the 2007 Awards Banquet. If you can supply me with this information, please let me know. I also need information with the 2003, 2004 and 2005 banquets. Newsletters were lost or misplaced.