CNS Results - 4/9/11

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Jon Krizman wins season opener at Colorado National Speedway
Jon Krizman came out the winner in last nights twenty-five lap feature battling Kyle
Clegg and Wayne Barlock for the win. Kyle Clegg damaged his car when he hit the wall in turn four and Wayne Barlock spun his car out while in position to win.

Twenty-four cars on hand last night as the 2011 season officially opened. The weather
was great for the early races of the day and the Legends took advantage of the good weather. Thanks to all of you who took the time to prepare your cars and try to have them ready for opening night. I know that the car for Luke Ulander came up short on time and parts and hopefully will be ready by the next race. I have listed the rookies in the feature results below. If you are a rookie and not listed please reply back to me.

Heat Race #1

1. Wayne Barlock
2. Jon Krizman
3. Kyle Ray
4. Pete Dellarco
5. David Hondel
6. Corey Seip
7. Scotty Scott
8. Chris Simons-Cooper
9. Mike Webber
10. Mike Morris
11. Eric Stedman
12.Brian McCartney

Heat Race #2

1. Kyle Clegg
2. Timoth Fatz
3. Brittany Duncan
4. Craig Coughlin
5. Rick Rusk
6. Bill Seip
7. Kevin Kurtz
8. David Richard
9. Cole MacEwen
10. Brandon Moore
11. Adam Pechman
12. Mike Gallegos

25 lap Feature

1. Jon Krizman #8
2. Kyle Ray #58
3. Wayne Barlock #3
4. David Hondel #47
5. Brittany Duncan #78
6. Chris Simons-Cooper #34
7. Scotty Scott #6
8. Corey Seip #7
9. Mike Webber #84
10.Rick Rusk #96
11.Timoth Fatz #16
12.Michael Morris #23
13.Cole MacEwen #85 rookie
14. Brian McCartney #18 rookie
15. Kevin Kurtz #44 rookie
16. Bill Seip #07
17. David Richard #37 rookie
18. Peter Dellarco #13
19. Brandon Moore #77 rookie
20. Craig Coughlin #71 -1
21. Kyle Clegg #66 DNF
22. Eric Stedman #1 DNF
23. Mike Gallegos #06 DNF
24. Adam Pechman #25 rookie DNF

Mike Gallegos driving the #06 last night has returned to race with us this season. Mike
raced several years ago with us with a pro classification. Mike left the program to persue a career in late model racing in North Carolina and has returned to Colorado a couple of years ago. Driving a car that was owned by Jerry Schnepf a former Legends distributor, he ran into mechanical problems last night when making contact last night with another car in the feature, and had to leave the track. Welcome back Mike.  It was a typical first night of feature racing as we had many caution flage during the feature. It came down to a warning from the track that if we had another caution we would go green, white, checker to finish the race. We do have a time limit for feature races. I am sure we will improve on the caution flags for feature races possibly by the next race. The heat races went smooth and looked good. Several new drivers last night sat back and just got themselves some valuable seat time. At the end of the races last night it seemed that we had one car with some serious damage during last nights races.  Just a comment on the Raceceiver last night. CNS wants to place the cars on restarts during the races and I have no problem with that. While I am spotting for all of you, please remember that when the cars get strung out it becomes hard to watch everyone.

I will try to stay off the Raceceiver at CNS while they line up the field for a restart. For your informatiion the womans voice you hear is Angie MacEwen, mother of driver #85 Cole MacEwen. There have been a few changes in the tower at CNS this season and Angie is the head scorer as she is in charge of the computer for the races that controls your restarts and results.

We are off this week but I-25 will open for practice and some of you might want to go
down and get a feel for the track. Please check out their web page for times and weather changes.