RMLRA News and information - APRIL 8, 2011

posted Apr 8, 2011, 9:30 AM by Admin RMLRA

As of Thursday the weather for this weekends racing looks to be a possibility. Rain is possible late Saturday night, but knowing the weather here in Colorado it could change and go either way.

Suggest you check the CNS or Big West Racing web pages Saturday morning. Gates do open at 9:00 AM and Legends practice starts at 11:00 AM till 11:30. There will be a happy hour session starting around 1:00 PM that will last about ten minutes for each division. The time period could change due to possible problems on the track during the earlier practice sessions.

Practice info for new drivers.
If the RMLRA should have a great turnout with many cars,the track will allow only so many cars on the track at one time during the practice sessions. When you get ready to leave the track to make an adjustment on your car get up along the wall going down the front straight away to exit in turn two. Once you leave the track a car waiting to come on the track will be sent out to practice. That car should stay up along the wall picking up speed and blending in with the traffic on the track as he is entering in turn two or whenever the opportunity permits. Slow drivers are asked to stay in the low groove and move up when your speed permits. After making adjustments to your car you can get in line to go back out on the track as much as you need to set up your car.

As always you will be required to use your Raceceiver, channel 165 whenever you are on the track.

Reuben Barella has two SATRAB oil coolers w/lines. They have two nights of racing on them and he is trying to sell them so he can buy additional equipment so he can race this season. Please contact Reuben @ reuban_barela@yahoo.com or 719-406-9816. This equipment is located in Pueblo.