RMLRA Newsletter - 3/12/2014

posted Mar 12, 2014, 10:16 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Mar 12, 2014, 10:17 PM ]
Time to Get Out and practice

Well, it is that time of the year for all you to go to the track and practice if that is your desire. With weather permitting Colorado National Speedway has advertised that the next three Saturdays, the track will be open for car inspections and hot lap practice. If you are a rookie or a new driver this season, the track will inspect your car for its own safety rules. The RMLRA INEX officials will also check you car for safety per the Legends rule book. This is not a tech inspection at this time. Only on race days would that be in effect. Do ask the INEX Tech Official questions and ask to borrow tools to check your wheelbase and ride height. They should allow you to use it. Please return when finished using the tools so others may use them. As of today the track has not made any cancellation for this weekend. If you are going out to practice please take your Raceceiver with you and use it for all practices at CNS. Turn your Raceceiver to channell # 165 and get used to a voice in your ear warning you about the action going on, while you are on the track.

Rocky Mountain Legends Car Shootout-May 23-25!

If you attended the meeting in February Jim Stevens told you about the three day Rocky Mountain Legends Shootout. These are National qualifiers and should draw some out of state cars to these races. I have been told the Asphalt Nationals will be held in Las Vegas this fall. Jim has worked and has sponsorship for these three races.

Bigger pay offs and prizes from sponsors will be won by drivers. Feature races may be determined by the car count that is on hand. More information later. Be sure to send your entry fee and application to Jim.

Rocky Mountain Legends Car Shootout
May 23 to May 25, 2014
Registration Form
Hi Way 92 Raceway Park Gering, NB. 5-23-14
Big Country Speedway Cheyenne, WY. 5-24-14
Colorado National Speedway Denver, CO 5-25-14

Inex License#_________.
CAR Make_________, Model,________, Year,_____, Number_____
Checks made out to Driver/Owner__________________________.
Sponsor information:_________________________________________.
T-shirt size M, L, XL, XXL
Registration fee is for one race or all three:
Early Registration $60. If received by April 15, 2014
Make checks to RMLRA mail to 4220 Iris Court Wheat Ridge, CO. 80033
RMLRA use only
Early Registration Paid Date:__________
Paid Registration Fee $75. Date:________

1. To qualify for the Bonus money you must compete in all three races.
2. The bonus money will be paid to the top five finishers of all three races. All tracks will have there normal purse and usually paid out to drivers finish, not part of bonus money.
3. The process for pay out of bonus money will be by adding finishes of all three races and divided by three. The finisher who has the smallest number will be award 1st place next smallest will be awarded 2nd place money next will be awarded 3rd place money ect. Example if a driver has finishes of 1st 4th and 2nd is added together which would be 7 divided by 3 which would be 2.3 and no other driver has a lower number. The driver with 2.3 would win bonus money 2nd would be the next lowest number and so on. No driver who does not compete at all three races will be eligible for bonus money. Ties will be broken by driver with fastest time at CNS.
4. The starting order will be inverted at the final race CNS will be determined by the roll of 4 dice. The invert could be as low as 4 spots inverted to max of 24 cars inverted.
5. Fast time at CNS will be given an extra $125.
6. There is a $75. Entry fee for the weekend whether you run one race or all three early registration is $60. if post marked or received by 4/15/14. No exceptions.
7. Races at Hi Way 92 Raceway Park and Big Country Speedway; starts will be heads up. Quick time will be on the pole.
8. Contingency awards will be given to those who have sponsors decals on cars. Contingency awards open to all drivers. Contingency Awards outline will be presented at Colorado National Speedway.
9. $1,000.00 Bonus money contingent on 25 car register for race. If less than 25 registered will be pro rated by number of cars registered.
10.All races will be National Qualifiers
11.All INEX rules will apply.