RMLRA Newsletter - 10/18/2017

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Twelve Drivers Raced @ Legends Asphalt Nationals in Las Vegas

Many of our drivers made the long haul over the mountains to race against top Legend Car drivers in their divisions from around the United States and Canada. Several drivers represented their countries from outside North America for these USLCI championships and there will be more for the Road Race Championships coming soon. Thus the name United States Legend Cars International. A total of one hundred thirty one drivers were in Las Vegas to race this event. Drivers qualified on Thursday and raced their heat races and Race of Champions Race. All of the RMLRA drivers raced in the feature races on Saturday but one driver, Wayne Barlock developed engine problems in his car and was unable to compete in the feature race. Several drivers had to race in the B- Mains but did qualify for the thirty-five lap features that were raced. I am not sure, but racing the schedule that the RMLRA raced this summer allowed drivers to attain a lot of points going into this race. Maybe this could be explained at our next drivers meeting.

Scott retains Masters Points Championship 2016/2017

Three RMLRA drivers Scotty Scott, Darrel John Stewart and Darrell Lee Stewart went to Las Vegas at the top of their classes in points and were in contention to win the National Points Championship with points won during the summer racing season. I am sorry to report that DJ Stewart racing in the Semi-Pro division was in second place when the car that had to beat him took Darrell and the other driver both out coming to the checkered flag. The driver was penalized and placed behind Stewart at the end of the race.Thus ended Darrell’s chance at the points championship. In the Masters Division Scotty Scott qualified well, won two heat races and finished fifth in the feature race. Scott has retained the National Championship Points Trophy in the Masters Division for the second straight year. Also in this race was DL Stewart in ninth place. Darrell went to Las Vegas with plenty of points accrued during the racing season.

We should know sometime this week when USLCI posts the final standings. On 10-17-17 the final point standings were posted and shows that DL Stewart finished third in the final points standings in Masters and DJ Stewart finished third in Semi Pro and Cody Dempster finished third in the Young Lions. Congratulations to all four of you with your top five finish.Jason Hulvey and Paul Himler finished sixteenth and nineteenth in the Masters feature race. Jason was also a top ten points finisher with a seventh place finish in the points. It should be a most happy fight back to Charlotte for the Awards presentation, should they all decide to take the same flight. Gentleman get your speeches ready for Charlotte.

In the Pro feature handling may have slowed a few of our cars. Wayne Barlock Jr. developed engine problems and was unable to start the feature. Clegg 16th, Cooper 17th, Medina 22nd, Hansen 23rd. I was told that cars were doing well but accidents on the track may have kept them from moving to the front. A slick race track kept the speeds slowed down throughout the races.

Also want to mention that BreAnn Adkison finished eighteenth after coming through the BMain. To all of our drivers that raced this season with us, thank you for allowing us to see some great racing. It is now time to tear the cars down and prepare for 2018

One more thing to mention is that Cody Dempster drove a rented car from Irwin Racing for the races. Cody raced at The Bullring earlier in the season with one of the Irwin race cars if my memory serves me right. For a second year driver he can race with the best of them. Do go to the USLCI web page and get on Twitter and Facebook to see all of these results from the races. They have posted a big article on Facebook this morning. 10-17-17

Drivers at USLCI Championship
Pro Division
#05 Nick Cooper
#08 Jace Hansen
#3 Wayne Barlock
#15 Danny Medina
#66 Kyle Clegg

#03 DL Stewart
#6 L. Scotty Scott
#13 Jason Hulvey
#88 Paul Himler

Semi Pro
#17 BreAnn Adkison
#30 DJ Stewart

Young Lions
#48 Cody Dempster

RMLRA Awards Banquet @ Unser Racing

The RMLRA will hold their 2017 Awards Banquet at Unser Racing again this year to reward those who raced and achieved their awards for this past racing season. This will give anybody the right to also get on the Unser racing track and get a few laps under racing conditions. There is an extra cost for this and drivers who plan to race should bring their driving gloves and helmet for this activity. That wold probably be better than putting one on that just came off another driver that raced before you. If you have not attended a Legends Banquet I would advise you to check this out on the Internet. After the racing a meal will be served and with a short break the Awards ceremonies will take place. If you were not a RMLRA member you still are invited to attend. Door prizes are given out during the program and all drivers will receive one. Plan to purchase a ticket and  enjoy this great night with your fellow drivers.

The RMLRA Board of Officers will be meeting soon to finalize the plans for this years Awards Banquet. I will let you know when all has been completed.

A Repeat Reminder from last Newsletter
One more thing to pass along is to inform anybody interested in buying a car number and is new to the Legend racing, please contact me so we don’t duplicate numbers. Members that pay their membership during the off season automatically keep their number from year to year. I have one car changing numbers for next season.