RMLRA Newsletter - 10/4/2015

posted Oct 1, 2015, 11:55 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Oct 1, 2015, 11:55 AM ]

Final Left turns in sight This weekend October 4, 2015

The RMLRA racing season officially comes to an end this weekend. When the final checkered flag is thrown Saturday night, you will have raced an very tough and long schedule this season. Several of you did not miss a race and you need to be commended for all the weekends that were spent traveling to and from the race tracks that you raced at. Several drivers raced twenty-five times which is a lot for where we had to travel to race. The more you race, the more you were rewarded with points and those that raced show in the point standings.

Need cars this Saturday at Colorado National Speedway

We need cars for a car count if you can make it. Last season we raced two features with thirteen cars in the pits. Two of those cars did not start the features. The reason we are asked to race at Challenge Cup is the Legends are a fan favorite. Don’t let them down. Do try to be in the pits this weekend. This is a National points and RMLRA sanctioned race. National points ends October 4, 2015

From Mike Gallegos

The races at CNS this weekend will be double features.

Also they will have a intermission where we will park in the X and give out candy to little kids that are dressed up for

Halloween so please bring some candy to hand out.

Also if you received a sheet to do year end voting please give it back to a board member this weekend. If you have not please let a board member know and we can get you one! You can fax them into me if needed. My fax is 303-744-7953.

I received the message below that I have copied and pasted to this Newsletter from BreAnn Adkison. Please respond to this message.

Big Country Speedway Awards Banquet October 10, 2015

it's October 10th at the Moose Lodge in Cheyenne. They need to pre register, and I need to know if they want prime rib or chicken. Horse shoes an stuff start around 11 am for anyone interested. Hamburgers an hot dogs will be available for a couple bucks on that. We have cocktails at 6, dinner at 7 an the awards will start around 8 $25 a ticket for dinner your choice of prime rib or chicken. Kids meals are chicken tenders $10 for those tickets. Anyone who wants to come for the awards and party afterwards is $10 an can pay at the door. We have to turn in our dinner #'s on tuesday morning so we'd have to have all orders by Monday night. Heather McCall, perry kenard and kevin bell have tickets. Perry can only do cash or check heather an I can do the credit cards also. Or they can contact Heather McCall at 307-421-3405 to confirm their reservation and food.