RMLRA Newsletter - 1/11/2012

posted Jan 11, 2012, 9:43 PM by Admin RMLRA
The Awards Dinner for the 2011 points championship is drawing near. I hope that you have made plans to attend this event. This will all take place at Rossi Catering in Wheat Ridge on Saturday, January 21. Please come prepared to have some fun and be entertained. Hopefully many of you will attend this night of racing awards. Drivers please be prepared to say something after receiving your trophies. Sometimes young and old drivers forget to express themselves after the trophy is presented. Take time now and have something ready to pass along to the people attending this dinner. The format for the points championship should be a lot of fun with the points possible to change when a few dates are eliminated from the final points standings when the season ended.

In the last Newsletter I had a few suggestions as the winter months go by, and the 2012 season will be upon us before we know it. My main concern was for those of you having engine work done on the 1200 open engines to get it done now and don’t get caught waiting for the engine to return from a busy engine shop. I am sure that I speak for Ron to allow enough time for your work to be completed.

I think that everyone that reads the Big West Racing web page has read or heard that there will be a change in track personnel this coming season. Several key track officials have elected not to return for 2012. CNS will be releasing their schedule the weekend of the trade show. Nothing to report on the RMLRA schedule for 2012.

Drivers and car owners that have items for sale on our web page, in the classified section, please keep Scotty informed so he can keep the web page current. Also do look at the new message board and don’t be afraid to use it for your parts and general information.

Don’t forget the 2012 RMLRA membership meeting scheduled for February 4 at Leary Racing Products. Remember to bring a chair with you to rest the legs. This meeting should last for a couple of hours. RMLRA membership fees will probably be thirty-five dollars for driver and owner. Each car has two votes, but must be a member to have that position to vote. Pit members can help the organization by becoming an associate member for twenty-five dollars. This money goes into the club treasury to help with the banquet at the end of the season plus a few extra expenses during the season.

If you did not race last season please contact me and let me know your plans. We do have a few new drivers already signed up for numbers. Please contact me for your number.