RMLRA Newsletter - 11/19/2012

posted Nov 26, 2012, 9:04 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Nov 26, 2012, 9:04 PM ]

The 2012 RMLRA Awards Dinner will be held January 12, 2013. Information will be released very soon concerning this event.

The next RMLRA membership meeting for drivers, car owners or anyone interested in racing a Legend car is tentatively being set up for possibly the first weekend in February. We will keep you informed. If you are looking for a Legend to buy and race, please check out the RMLRA/classified web page at www.RMLRA.org

2013 INEX License Available

2013 early fees price @ $135.00 are now1 available until January 1, 2013. After January 1, license will be $165.00. This is a mandatory license that you must have to race a Legend. The local RMLRA license usually runs about $35.00 per season and this money stays within the group to help pay some small bills and goes towards the banquet at the end of the season. Associate memberships, for pit crews are available for $25.00. We appreciate your membership to the RMLRA. This will be explained at our next meeting, possibly sometime in February. I will
keep you informed.

A Few Thoughts

At certain times of the year there is not much to write about and it seems like nobody is doing anything to keep you informed of what is going on, besides you working on rebuilding you car for the upcoming 2013 season. Now is the time to be out looking for sponsorship to help make the out of town trips where it does not cost a lot of out of your pocket to travel and race at those tracks. Here is hoping that you are trying to find ways to keep your car safe and possibly a little quicker than last season.

Just a thought to all of you who have the opportunity to race your Legends race car here in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming when we have scheduled races at those tracks. Without your participation in racing at all of these tracks, our Legends would not be in such high demand to help fill the pits at these tracks. This past season we were able to race nineteen sanctioned races at these tracks with two other races cancelled
due to weather. I am sure that the tracks will be calling our officials and want to get a commitment from our group for the 2013 season. When the new schedule is published later this winter, set up your schedule so you can possibly race at these smaller tracks when scheduled. If you have any questions about the upcoming 2013 season please contact me or check your rule book.