RMLRA Newsletter - 11/29/2019

posted Nov 29, 2019, 8:02 AM by Admin RMLRA

RMLRA news and announcements.

Announced at the banquet on Saturday were some tentative dates for the RMLRA. The membership meeting has been scheduled for January 11, 2020 and the location has not been set. A set up class that has been held at Tim Coopers shop in Frederick has a meeting date for February 22, 2020. These dates as mentioned before aretentative and will be announced when everything is set.

An announcement for the Bandoleros 2020 racing season will be made known soon after a small meeting was held before the Awards Banquet began.

Awards Banquet Saturday Nov. 23, 2019

The Awards Banquet held at The Summit in Thornton was well attended and many trophies and four 2020 INEX memberships were given to four happy drivers. Along with the championship trophies that were given to the RMLRA champion in Legends and Bandoleros many giveaways were given to drivers in attendance. Champions, Darrell J. Stewart and Brody Moore received the championship trophies in their divisions. Some Bandolero trophies were taller than the drivers. You had to be there to appreciate all the good fun that was had. Photographer Joe Starr was on hand and took manyphotographs.

Legends Awards
  • ROTY; #37 Tanner Scarberry
  • Sportsmanship Award; Darrell L. Stewart
  • Most Improved Driver; Alfred Matthews
  • Harold Kraus Award; Jeremiah Witherwax
  • Hard Luck Award; Natalie Fox
  • Best Looking Car; #15 Danny Medina
Bandolero Awards
  • ROTY; #12 Bryanna Bruce
  • Sportsmanship Award #68 Wyatt Dent
  • Best Looking Car; #98 Sammy Haugen
  • Hard Luck Award; #77 Chasen Groff
  • Most Improved Driver #68 Wyatt Dent

2020 INEX Licenses available

As of this past week INEX has opened the window to purchase the 2020 license. You will need it to race when the calendar changes to 2020. Just a remember that sometimes the membership is not sent until the rule book is ready to be released. I will keep checking the list and pass along the memberships numbers to those of you whohave mailed their applications into INEX.

Bandoleros close season at Lake Havasu, AZ

Congratulations to the Bandolero drivers and teams that travelled to the WestNationals last weekend.

Several Bando drivers and race teams traveled to Lake Havasu AZ this past weekend and raced at the Bandolero West Championships. In looking at some of the results no one driver was able to capture the first place trophy. The race track looked nice and fast and I hope everyone survived this new event for Bandolero cars in the West. When the races were over, Brody Moore finished third in the Western Points Bandolero Outlaws West championship. Chasen Groff finished fourth, Zachary Morris fifth and Bryanna Bruce was tenth.

In the Bandit division Charles Starcher finished fifth and Wyatt Dent in their chase for the championship.

In both Legends and Bandoleros the points that you received on the RMLRA schedule go into the number of races required and the number of cars in the class that you are racing in. Congratulations to all of the drivers who raced this summer at the area tracks.

There are race tracks such as the Bullring in Las Vegas that offer a winter schedule for both divisions of cars and you might inquire about the road racing schedule. You might want to try it.

2020 Chilly Willy
Friday, January 24 - Sunday, January 26, 2020
3 races over 3 days!
Like Winter Nationals, all 3 legend races will count for 2020
Asphalt Oval points*
FRIDAY: $500 to win | $50 to start
SATURDAY: $500 to win | $50 to start
Sunday: $1000 to win | $100 to start
*Must have valid 2020 INEX Membership

Road Racing during the winter season

If you are interested in INEX road racing you might stay in touch with the USLegends web site and check out the tracks at Las Vegas and possibly Texas. Legends and Bandoleros race during the winter at some of these tracks. Both oval and road racing. Just remember that you may need to have your 2020 license when we switch to the year 2020. Next years license is now available for purchase. You can find the form on US Legends web site. Contact the race track or USLEGENDS if in doubt.

RMLRA web site & Facebook

When information is received to us to release to the members and readers, it is passed along to you on the RMLRA Newsletters, RMLRA web site and Facebook. If you would like to be placed on the mailing list contact Harold at ckar77@comcast.net We try to keep you informed on the latest news and information with what is going on in the off season and in preparation for the 2020 racing season. If you are new to the racing program you are part of one of the nations largest racing organizations. The rules that we race by are controlled by
INEX of the US Legend Cars International. All drivers must have a license to race in these sanctioned events.