RMLRA Newsletter - 1/19/2015

posted Jan 20, 2015, 9:09 PM by Admin RMLRA

The meeting January 10th was a good start for everyone. Although the winter seems to go by very quickly, the months between the finish of one season and the start of the next seem to drag at times. Sitting here at home and trying to come up with something interesting for you to read and get the feeling that racing season is just around the corner, sometimes becomes a small problem. These Newsletters are for the members of the RMLRA and hopefully there is some information for everyone. With the tentative schedule that was handed out many drivers could have a long racing season ahead of them. If you do not have a copy of the tentative schedule, I would be happy to send one to you.A lot of races mean a lot of expenses to many drivers. If you are not trying to land a sponsor now is the time to be doing so. Sponsors are out there and even with some appearances with your car at an auto parts store or a car wash might get you a little sponsorship. It it always good to have a plan B in reserve in case something goes wrong.

With a long season, it would help to achieve the points race that you are in if you have that spare motor in the garage and ready to go. I always like to pass along to the new drivers that are racing a Legend car for the first time that you sit back and watch what is going on around you. It is better to fall in line in a feature race and follow the cars up front and get some experience in your seat before trying to start moving up to quickly. Take your time and save your car as trying to run real fast with out experience in racing these cars will get you in trouble real quickly. It can get costly if you are involved in accidents. Heat races will help you set up your car. Learn what your car can and cannot do at faster speeds and when there are many cars around you.

2015 Rule Book (here)

For those of you that are just getting started with Legend car racing here is a little bit of information for you about what you should do. After talking with your contact start your process of obtaining your title and INEX driving license. There are some things that you must do to go racing and those are two of them. After you have sent your applications in for these two items, there will be a time before you receive your license. INEX usually waits for the printing of the new rule book to mail to membership. Your license may not arrive until April 1 or later. There are ways to check for your license number before it arrives.

It is always a good idea to check out the USLegends web page for announcements. The latest is the 2015 ruler book on securing the oil filter. Make sure you read it. I believe there was talk of it at the meeting.

Drivers may want to visit the Raceceiver web site to see the latest receiver available to drivers. You must have one to race. It is your only communication in your car for the driver to know where to go on a caution flag and for accidents that happen during the race.

Start planning your out of town trips now. There are a few back to back nights this season. New drivers to the Legends will appreciate these small tracks. Gering, Nebraska is always on Friday nights and will take a little planning to race there. Motel information will be released later.

Colorado National Speedway March 15, 2015 Open for practice

The speedway will open for practice March 14, 21, 28 weather permitting. Colorado National Speedway will hold car inspections and hot lap practice from 11:00 AM-5:00 PM. All cars must be inspected by CNS track officials and INEX officials. When practicing, get a feel for the cars on the track. Not all cars run a straight line and are moving around the track getting a feel for the track and their car. There are no trophies handed out for practice, so keep that in mind. Over the years we have had a few cars badly damaged during the early practice sessions. Cars may only go on the track to practice after there receive their track inspection sticker. Please read their rule book on their web page on their requirements to race.

All rookie and first year drivers will be required to paint their rear bumper yellow. This a Colorado National Speedway track rule and also a RMLRA courtesy rule.