RMLRA Newsletter - 12-MAR-2012

posted Mar 12, 2012, 1:06 PM by Admin RMLRA
RMLRA news & information March 12, 2012

An email with information for a quick set up class was mailed to drivers on Saturday morning. This information has just been made available late this past week. As of Monday morning the weather for this weekend looks good right now for Saturdayʼs activities at Colorado National Speedway. On Saturday safety inspections and hot lap practice will take place at Colorado National Speedway from 11:00 am till 4:30 pm.

Right after practice is over those of you who are interested in the set up class will travel about two miles north of the Speedway to Tim Cooperʼs shop for this class. Parking of trailers are not a problem at his shop. Maps were included in the email that was sent out. If you need better information on finding the location, contact Tim Cooper @ 303-776-9741 or email address cmws@mesanetworks.net I did talk with Tim this morning and he should be making contact with those of you that have showed interest in this class. If you did not receive this information please call me by Monday evening.  Harold 303-439-0306

While attending this set up class we should be able to answer just about any question that you might have for Legend Racing and the RMLRA.

In case you have not heard Phil Peconi has sold his car to Tilton Racing in Cheyenne, WY. and Glenn Tilton will drive the #9 car. Brad will drive the #4 car. Jessica Savage will drive the #11 car this season. If my information is correct she will drive one of the Gallegos Racing Team cars. More information to come after I meet and talk with her.

When I had the opportunity to talk with Adrian Walker he told me that Ryan and Tripp
Gaylord may be driving his cars this season. Ryan will take over the #33 car and Tripp will drive the #5 when available.