RMLRA Newsletter - 12-MAY-2012

posted May 14, 2012, 12:18 AM by Admin RMLRA
Weather cancelled the races this weekend at CNS but the RMLRA will be on the road
traveling to I-25 Speedway in Pueblo, Colorado this Saturday, May 19. I have listed below a few items from their web page. We have five racing dates scheduled this season at this race track. JUNE 16 is a National qualifier. Several cars from the Colorado Springs and Pueblo area have not been heard from this season and are presumably not planning to race this season. This definately hurts the car count that was expected to help support these races. We would like to have an expected car count for the races on opening night at I-25. If your plans are to race this week, would you please send me back a short email with your car number saying you
will be there.This reporter hopes that you will make the trip down there to race and support the RMLRA and I-25 Speedway. Looking forward to seeing you at the track. If you have information that you would like me to pass along please call me or send me an email and I will try to pass it along to the membership. One more item to mention is the RMLRA message board. Try to make use of this free board to ask questions or read up on information that is being passed along.

The 2012 Rule Book goes into effect May 18.

Message from Ron Hough engine builder, RMLRA Message Board
Engine oiling systems
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Just a heads up to everyone that reads this board. Anyone running a newer style Hank Scott oiling system( the remote filter housing that bolts to the engine case). You must be aware, by now, that some of the first ones produced had defective oil lines supplied with the system. If there is any uncertainty as to which lines you might have, a call to Hank will get this straightened out. 704-784-4554. Hank has been very up-standing regarding this matter. I know most of the cars in the RMLRA that are running this system, however, not all of them appearantly... That said, is is critical that, regardless of which/who's oil system you are running, diligent routine maintainance is a must....JMO replace those lines once a year wheather you think they are worn/cracked/hard or not!! Inspect them often!!! Small price to pay considering the cost of a new engine.....Not to mention all the issues that arise from the track being oiled down.  You veterans out there know what I'm talking about. This is more directed at the newer owners/drivers/crews.
Thanking you in advance
Ron Hough
HO Motorsports
303 447 8845

RMLRA information May 12, 2012
Pit Gate opening time change. On May 19th, the season opening night, pit gates will open at 12:00 pm. After the first week, pit gates will open at 1:00 pm for the duration of the season. The additional time onMay 19th is to allow racers to come early
and familiarize themselves with their current pit spot. Also note, Hot Lapping will now begin at 2:30pm on race days.

IMPORTANT info on race fuel. Due to the huge, favorable response we've
received regarding E-85, we will be carrying it (E-85) at the track INSTEAD of race gas.  Therefore all competitors running race gas will need to purchase and bring it to the
track. Race gas will not be sold at the track.

Track Info:

I-25 Speedway is an over-sized 1/4 mile, high banked paved oval race track located along the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

The facility is full-service with state of the art lighting, paved handicap access, souveniers, great food, beer, family entertainment and more!  I-25 Speedway anchored itself in auto racing many decades ago as one of the formative short tracks in the country. The speedway has evolved and the tradition continues with fast 325' straightaways and high-banked turns capable of blistering speeds. The wide, smooth surface and progressive banking provide the most exciting door-todoor
competition around.

Several divisions compete on a regular basis from May-Oct on Saturday nights at I-25 Speedway including; Super Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Hornets and Charger Figure-8's as well as Legends and CARC Vintage Modifieds.