RMLRA Newsletter - 1/21/2018

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Legends-Bandolero Meeting Notes

Legend drivers and Bandolero drivers met Saturday morning at two different times. A good turnout at both meetings. Two new Legend drivers on hand and we welcome Cindy Robb #72 Cindy Robb and Ryan Scott
#53 to Legend racing.

Election of vice-president with Wayne Barlock being elected to a two year term. Tim Cooper will handle the Secretary-Treasure office for the upcoming season.  Elected to the Board was Terry McBride and Ray Lewis. Ray will represent the Bandolero division. Carried over from last year are Dan Clegg and Jason Hulvey.  Paul Himler will serve as the alternate Board member.

2018 Season Legends and Bandolero’s

The racing schedule for both classes was released and can be seen on our web site. Take a look and possibly prepare to race on the short tracks. In eluded in this years schedule is a three day National qualifier. This will
be raced on Memorial Day weekend. Plan ahead.

New Fuel Rule for 2018 Legends

After discussions with several engine builders it was decided to drop the the 110 Racing Fuel to run 91 Octane Clean Fuel (no additives) premium gasoline. You will buy this gasoline at CNS from a different pump for about
$4.00 per gallon. Hwy 92, BCS and I-25 will have designated gas stations to purchase your gas from. USLCI has been using this method for the National events for many seasons. You will no longer be using the racing
fuel. Please talk to a RMLRA official if needed.

Bandolero Meeting

Bandolero drivers and car owners met and discussed many items. Car owners were reminded to get their INEX License. This is a new class and the age limit listed below is 8-16 years of age. This is a new class for 2018.

Bandits: (drivers between the age of 8 - 11)
Outlaws: (drivers between the age of (12 - 16)

I just wanted to say that it was nice to meet all of you at the meeting. Please pass the word around to those that you might know that did not make it to the meeting that we are taking numbers for the season. First come first serve is our rule right now.

Also the age limit for the drivers was voted on and 8-16 years old is going to be our group for racing. Because of the young drivers coming up from Go Karts was the reason for this. This was voted on by Bandolero

Bandolero cars will be in high demand as this class is forming and getting ready to race. Several car owners expect this class of cars to possibly reach as high as twenty-five cars during the season.

Mike Leary who is the Legend and Bandolero dealer in the Denver area has orders in for three new Bandolero cars that will be built in North Carolina and ship to Colorado.

2018 Bandolero Racers please let me know of any change in numbers
1. Lilli McAfee
2. Jack Hulvey
16. Cullen Lewis
17. Cooper Lewis
23. Walker Racing
29. Ashlee Richards
74. Trayc Walker Scott
78. Brody Moore