RMLRA Newsletter - 12/22/2017

posted Dec 22, 2017, 9:06 AM by Unknown user

2018 Membership Meeting Date changed to January 20, 2018

The RMLRA will hold their membership meeting on January 20, 2018 at O’REILLY Auto Parts store located at 5861 N. Broadway in Denver. As of this date it is tentative, but almost certain to take place. Time for meeting to start will be announced shortly. Do plan to attend this important meeting. Terry McBride who is employed by O’REILLY has asked that you please park across the street if you plan to attend. You will not need to bring a chair as they have chairs available for this meeting. A second meeting will take place in February at Tim Cooper's shop in Frederick, located north of CNS, with a set up class to follow. CNS will make an announcement during this time as to when they will open up for practice during the month of March.

Memberships now available

As of today you can go to the RMLRA web site and then go to Become A Member. Be sure to fill out the form when ready and send payment. The INEX license application is also available and can be found right below Become A Member.

New drivers and also drivers in the Bandolero class are asked to sign with us to obtain a number. Be sure to contact me if you are joining us to race this season so we can hold your number. Please no three digit numbers.

Be sure to pass along this information to your friends who may be interested in racing a Legend car in 2018. Times and dates will be released as they are confirmed. If you know of someone looking for a race car, have them contact an officer on the RMLRA Board. There are several cars that are for sale in our area.

If you have sold your car and will no longer be racing in the RMLRA please let me know so I can release your number.

Holiday Season in the RMLRA area

As we pass the time until the membership meeting in January, I will pass along some information that I know of. I just watched the streamed show that USLCI shows on Facebook, You might find it interesting to watch. It is shown live on Thursdays and you can ask questions while they are on the air. The show is called One To Go and it is hosted by Kyle & Laila. If you cannot view while it is recorded so you can watch it on the USLCI Facebook web site at your convenience.

2018 Bandolero Nationals

The Bandolero National Championship will be held August 10-11 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. You may be getting into Bandolero racing this summer and may want to travel.