RMLRA Newsletter - 12/24/2020

posted Jan 8, 2021, 1:49 PM by Admin RMLRA

Just a short newsletter to say thanks to all of you who attended the Awards Banquet a couple of weeks ago. A lot of trophies and recognition were presented to Legend and Bandolero drivers. During the awarding of the championship trophies several drivers in both divisions gave special thanks to their sponsors and to their parents allowing them to have a great season of racing. Championship trophies were handed out to Bandolero Bandits champion Huston Wells and Outlaws driver Sammy Haugen. There was a hint that several drivers might be moving up to the Legend Division.

Special awards handed out to the Legend drivers were:
  • #30 2020 RMLRA Champion Darrell J. Stewart
  • #71 Colton Crocker Best Looking Car
  • #37 Tanner Scarberry Most Improved Driver
  • #6 L. Scotty Scott Sportsman Of The Year
  • #87 Tim Trostel III Rookie Of The Year
  • #3 Harold Kraus Award Two people awarded Wayne Barlock Jr. &
  • Wayne Barlock Sr.
  • Hard Luck Award Driver Zach Witherwax
RMLRA Top Ten 2020 season

1. DJ Stewart
2. L. Scott
3. DL Stewart
4. Tanner Scarberry
5. Alfred Matthews
6. Tim Trostel III (R)
7. Tessa Marine (R)
8. Natalie Foster
9. Jim Bowman
10. Brett Reid (R)

Bandolero Best Looking Bandolero Car #75 Makena Crocker
Bandolero ROTY; #78 Gracie Crocker

2020 RMBRA season champion Outlaws;
1. Sammy Haugen (also was the Outlaws West Champion)
2. Zach Morris
3. Chasen Groff
4. Bryanna Bruce
5. Gracie Crocker (R)
6. Andrew Jones
7. Makenna Crocker (R)
8. Casey Wiggins ®

2020 RMBRA Bandits, season champions
1. Huston Wells
2. Dillyn Kellogg
3. Wyatt Dent
4. Ryker McConahay
5. Ricky Holbrook
6. Madilyn Lange
7. Lexi Scott
8. Aspyn Lange
9. Tyler Quintrail
10. Ryker Gastineau

I will let you know when the Board has come up with a place to hold the 2021 membership meeting.
2021 INEX License ready for purchase.

While reading the US Legends web site this morning I do see where you can apply for your 2021 INEX membership now. Just remember  that you should have it before you race a sanctioned race. All drivers are required to have a license to race their Legend or Bandolero.

News and information will be passed along to you as it is received.

Wayne Barlock announced to those on hand that the 2021 Membership meeting has not been set up yet. In talking with him onMonday, he mentioned finding a site to hold many members. There are still restrictions with the covid virus, as to the amount of people present in the meeting room. He also announced that there will be set up classes for both divisions. These dates will be set up and announced to the membership. Please remember that being a member in the RMLRA helps promote the racing in our area.

I have been told that the #86 & #96 Legend cars of Travis and Ryan Rudolph are for sale. I have no prices on their cars. If you know of someone that might be interested in Legend racing, have them contact these drivers.