RMLRA Newsletter - 1/30/2020

posted Feb 24, 2020, 9:56 AM by Admin RMLRA

February Set up class for Legends and Bandoleros

Chilly Willy Races at Tucson

The RMLRA made a good start for the 2020 season as Chris Eggleston won three Feature races this past weekend to take home all the hardware during the big weekend of racing. DJ Stewart finished second and Travis Roe with a fourth place finish in the fifty lap feature race on Sunday. Darrell J. also won a feature race on Friday night.You can find the results at Tucson Speedway.com under results. All three days are shown
with the results from the three mains along with qualifying. Good job drivers. Nine drivers from our area made the trip to race The Chilly Willy weekend in Tucson.

Set Up Class

Set up classes to be held at Leary Racing February 22, 2020 This class starts at 10am New car drivers and owners should attend this set up class. Bring a seat with you if you think you may need one. The class usually runs around two hours.

Legends 10:00 AM Instructor Darrell J. Stewart Wildlife Racing
Bandos 12:30 PM Instructor Jeff Groff TSR Racing

Read the Rule Book

As we prepare for the upcoming season all drivers should take time to read the INEX rule book and have themselves with the knowledge of what the rule book says. Remember the main rule that if the rule book says that you cannot do it, it cannot be done. Tech rules are pretty clear and if a no-go gauge is used, there is no excuse for error in tech. Read the rules of replacing parts on your car. This is a spec-racing class. One of the new rules to be watched closely this season is what may appear on social media. Making complaints with profanity or hand gestures may find you on your way home very early with a DQ and nothing to show for the race date at the track. Race tracks are to report the problems to INEX and the guilty party may be paying the fine. Remember the driver is responsible for the pit crew and the driver will receive the fine and suspension.

CNS General Rules @ CNS Web Site

Please do read the rules for the race tracks that we race at, especially restarts, where you can accelerate and when you can pass the car in front of you when the green flag starts the race. The front row on the start of the race should be side by side. Penalty on the restart may send you to the rear.

Don’t forget the Tri-State Swap Meet February 8th & 9th. Also the Rumble in the Rockies coming this Memorial Day weekend in May.